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  1. 2014.05.12 Global Action Week on Education for All 2014




Global Campaign for Education is holding a “2014 Global Action Week” on 10-14 May which is an annual awareness-raising campaign supported by UNESCO. GCE, in other words Global Campaign for Education, stands for a civil society movement which aims to stop the global education crisis as GCE believes that education is a basic human right. Established in 1999, GCE has its membership on teachers unions, NGOs, and other civil society organizations advocating public education for all, world widely over 120 national coalitions. GCE believes education is:

1. A universal human right

2.  The key to poverty alleviation and sustainable human development

3.   A core responsibility of the state

4.    Achievable if governments mobilize the political will and available resources

With these believes, GCE has its general aim that free and equal access to high quality education for learners should be promoted universally. With this basic aim under the GCE, the theme of 2014 Global Action Week is “Equal Right, Equal Opportunity: Education and Disability”, especially aiming on raising the awareness between disability and education.

According to the World Bank Economic Review 2008, the gap in primary school attendance rates between disabled children and non-disabled children 10% in India and above 60% in Indonesia. For secondary school, the gap rages 15% in Cambodia and 58% in Indonesia. These rates show the difficulty for disabled children to get involved in education system. To solve these pitiful cases of disability and education relation, the Global Action Week is demanding the world to put efforts which will bring a huge impact to the society in return. During the Global Action Week, organized activities hosted by UNESCO field offices around the world will be held where people can collect and share information and policies related to the aim of Global Action Week.

To be specific, GCE is hoping to make “Inclusive education” to achieve Education for All(EFA). As the name stands for, “Inclusive education” provides opportunities to get quality education to every learner. To carry out the inclusive education, GCE has 7 strategies; create legislative framework, provide the capacity, resources and leadership to implement national inclusion plans, improve data on relation of disability and education, make schools accessible for disabled, ensure properly-trained teachers, challenge attitudes toward possible discrimination, and create an environment to support inclusive education thoroughly.

With these strategies presenting through Global Action Week 2014, GCE expect that the world will be urged to look and care for the minorities around us; the issues of disability and the access to the education.

For more information on GCE’s work, please look for http://www.campaignforeducation.org/docs/reports/Equal%20Right,%20Equal%20Opportunity_WEB.pdf. For GCE’s membership and aim, please look for http://www.campaignforeducation.org/docs/constitution/GCE_CONSTITUTION_EN_JUL2012.pdf.









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