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Application Period

9 July 2014 (Wed) ~ 27 July 2014 (Sun)

Qualifications Needed

- University and Graduate School students residing in Korea
 (including foreign students and those who are in a gap year, leave of absence, etc.)
- Good SNS (blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media) utilizing skills
- Good command of English and Korean for article writing
 (Applicants well-versed in content production skills, including design and video making, are given preferential treatment)

Selection Process

- Application Period: ~ 27 July 2014 (Sun)
- 1st Announcement: 29 July 2014 (Tue) on APCEIU Website
- Interview: 30 July 2014 (Wed)
- Final Announcement: 31 July 2014 (Thu) on APCEIU Website

Working Period

- Working Period: 1 August 2014 ~ 31 December 2014 (5 months)

- Work Content:
    ° Writing news articles regarding APCEIU and EIU (in both Korean and English) more than twice a month
    ° Carrying out APCEIU PR activities through personal blogs and SNS (social media)
    ° Assisting in content development regarding EIU (News reporting, interview, video, etc.)
         ※ Novel and creative contents will be posted on APCEIU homepage
    ° Participating once a month in Supporters off-line meetings (regularly) and activities (as needed)

- Work Benefits:
    ° Outstanding participants will be given preference in future internship opportunities
    ° Opportunities to participate in programmes organized by APCEIU will be provided
    ° “APCEIU Supporters Certificate” will be issued to those who have completed the work
    ° Selected by-line stories will be posted on the official APCEIU blog.


APCEIU Blog and by-line stories of Supporters

Application Material and Submissions

- An Application (Word document) (Use designated format attached - Kor and Eng)
  ※ Designated document format also can be downloaded from the notice on APCEIU Website
- Proof of Enrollment
- Career Certificate (if applicable)
  ※ All application materials must be compressed into a single file, to be attached for submission
  ※ File title: 3rd_Supporters_Name (Example: 3rd_Supporters_AsiaKim)
- Email application pnp@unescoapceiu.org
  ※ Due 24:00, 27 July 2014
  ※ Submitted documents will not be returned

-For inquiries, please contact
Publications and Public relations Team Email: pnp@unescoapceiu.org

Asia Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding(APCEIU)
Homepage: www.unescoapceiu.org
Facebook@unescoapceiu Twitter@apceiu
Email: pnp@unescoapceiu.org

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Hello, everyone. I am Eunsil Yu who is working as an APCEIU supporter.


I am majoring Business Administration through the program of Kyunghee-Andrews University. The purpose of program is cultivating global talent. Thanks to the school's aim, I could study in various countries including the Philippines and the US. I have interests in international issues.


In addition, I love to carry out various exchanges including culture, language and so on with foreigners. Thus, I have been consistently doing some educational volunteer works not only for foreigner students who are studying Korean culture and language at the Institution of International Education of Kyunghee university in Seoul, but also for adolescents to teach economics through JA Korea(Junior Achievement Korea) as a volunteer group of university students.


Meanwhile, by chance I got an information that UNESCO APCEIU(Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding) was looking for supporters and I applied for this splendid opportunity without hesitation. Fortunately, I got a chance to work as the 2nd batch of APCEIU supporters. I am definitely delighted to do this activity with other 6 members.


Recently, I have joined a mentoring program called the Citi-JA Hero Program for children from multi-cultural families which is operated by CITI bank and JA Korea as well as APCEIU supporters. By doing diverse activities and by communicating with multi-cultural families, I am learning what education for international understanding is.


I am going to inform varied, familiar and useful information based on education for international understanding from APCEIU, neither difficult nor complex through my blog and I would like to communicate with you.








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Hello, this is Sol Jee Ahn, who has been selected as one of the 2nd Supporters of APCEIU.

I am 24 years old and I attend Sogang University, majoring in American Culture and Political Science.

Since when I was little, I've been interested in various languages and cultures, which led me to have interest in diplomacy, which plays an important role in deciding the relations between countries. Therefore, I've always tried to study or do something related to my interests.

At Sogang University, I am a member of H.U.G., a student club which helps foreign exchange students by tutoring Korean, guiding them to many tourist attractions in Seoul. 

The picture above was taken last year when I went to Kyeongbok Palace with exchange students!

As a representative of Korea, I try to be more friendly and nice to foreigners so that they can have good impression about Korea and talk to their family and friends about Korea after they return.

Moreover, I am doing internship at East Asia Foundation, a nonprofit organization which publishes Global Asia and holds regular seminars regarding East Asia. Also, luckily, I was selected as one of the seven supporters of APCEIU. From these two "activities", I experience many things that I just learned through books.

In the picture, can you see the phrase, "Do What You Love"? It's the motto of my life!

And also, the title of my personal blog is "Do What You Love". Come visit my personal blog at http://allez2012.blog.me. I post about APCEIU there as well.

Nice to meet you and I hope you would be more interested in APCEIU, "Global Citizenship", "Education for International Understanding", et cetera, which seem so far from you but in fact, which are very close to your life. 



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유네스코의 국제이해교육을 지지하고 확산해나가는 데 힘을 보태고 싶나요?

글을 쓰고 사진이나 동영상 찍기를 좋아하시는 분, 좋은 이야깃거리가 있으면 다른 사람한테 전하지 않고는 못 배기는 분이라면 언제든 환영입니다.

APCEIU 서포터즈는 국제이해교육과 관련된 뉴스를 발굴하고 널리 알리는 기자단이자, APCEIU의 활동을 다양한 방식으로 지원하는 자원봉사단입니다.
유네스코 아시아태평양 국제이해교육원(Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding under the auspices of UNESCO, APCEIU)은 아시아태평양 지역 내 국제이해교육을 증진하기 위해 설립된 유네스코 산하의 국제기구로서, 대한민국 정부와 유네스코 간 협정에 의해 2000년 설립되었습니다.

국제이해교육은 평화, 인권, 문화다양성, 지속가능한 발전, 세계화 교육 등을 통합적으로 실시하여 인종, 문화, 종교 간 갈등을 극복하고, 평화와 인권이 존중되는 세상을 만드는데 기여하는 중요한 교육입니다.

국제이해교육을 증진시킬 반짝이는 아이디어와 실행력을 갖춘 여러분, APCEIU 서포터즈가 되어 소중한 재능을 나눠주세요!


1. 선발인원
     6명 내외

2. 모집대상
     - 아태지역 출신 국내 거주 대학(원)생 (휴학생 및 졸업생 포함) 
     - 블로그, 트위터, 페이스북 등 SNS 활용능력 보유자
     - 국문 및 영문 기사 작성 능력 보유자 
          (디자인, 영상 등 다양한 형식의 콘텐츠 제작 능력 보유자 우대)

3. 전형단계 및 일정
     - 지원기간: 2014년 2월 23일(일)까지 접수
     - 1차 서류 합격자 발표: 2014년 2월 25일(화) APCEIU 홈페이지에 공고
     - 2차 인터뷰:  2014년 2월 27일(목) 
          ※ 면접시간은 서류전형 합격자에 한해 개별 통보
     - 최종 합격자 발표: 2014년 2월 28일(금) APCEIU 홈페이지에 공고
          ※ 최종 합격자는 홈페이지 게시 및 안내 메일을 보내드립니다.
     - 오리엔테이션: 2014년 3월 3일(월) 아태교육원 
            ※ 오리엔테이션 전원 필수 참석

4. 활동
     - 활동기간: 2014년 3월 3일 - 2014년 7월 31일(5개월)
          ※ 구체적인 활동 시간과 장소는 최종 합격자에게 추후 공고
     - 활동내용:
          ○ APCEIU 및 EIU 뉴스 작성(국문, 영문)
          ○ 개인 블로그, SNS를 통한 APCEIU 홍보 활동
          ○ 월 2회 이상 국제이해교육 관련 콘텐츠 제작(뉴스, 인터뷰, 동영상 등)
          ※ 참신하고 우수한 내용의 콘텐츠는 APCEIU 홈페이지 및 공식 블로그에 게재됩니다.
          ○ 월 1회 서포터즈 모임 참가
     - 활동특전:
          ○ 우수 활동자는 추후 인턴 채용 지원시 우대
          ○ APCEIU 주최 프로그램 참여 기회 제공
          ○ 활동 완료한 서포터즈를 위한 활동 수료증 발급
          ○ 우수기사로 채택 시 APCEIU 공식 블로그에 기명 기사 게재

5. 제출 서류 및 방법
     - 지원서(워드파일) 1부  (지정양식 활용) 
          ※ 지정 서류 양식은 본 게시글 및 홈페이지 공지사항 관련 게시글의 첨부파일 다운로드
     - 재학(휴학 및 졸업)증명서 원본 1부 
     - 경력증명서(해당자의 경우) 사본 각 1부 
          ※ 모든 제출서류를 한 폴더에 담아 압축한 파일로 첨부하여 제출
          ※ 파일이름: 제2기_서포터즈_이름 (예: 제2기_서포터즈_김아태)
     - 이메일 접수
          ※ 2014년 2월 23일 24시 마감  
          ※ 제출한 서류는 반환하지 않습니다
* 유의사항
     - 제출 시 파일 이름 및 제출 시간을 잘 확인하시기 바랍니다.
     - 문의사항은 Email로만 받습니다. (


2014 APCEIU supporters_application_form.docx


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Although Kazakhstan already had remarkable achievements in the formal education sector, many improvements are required in other areas. Here is where regional Community Learning Centers take part in order to make a difference.

Formal Educational Achievements
The education system in Kazakhstan has been strengthened under the belief that it plays a key role in rebuilding a politically and economically stable society. As such, Kazakhstan shows its strength in the formal education sector. In 2011, the country ranked fourth out of 127 in UNESCO’s Education for All Development Index (EDI). EDI is a composite index that indicates the general achievement of a country’s education system. Four EFA goals are measured and counted. They include universal primary education (Goal 2), adult literacy (Goal 4), gender parity and equality (Goal 5), and quality of education (Goal 6). Kazakhstan’s achievements in every section are far above the world average and its regional neighbors in Central Asia. Furthermore, Kazakhstan holds a youth literacy rate of 99.8%, which is the highest in the Central Asian region.
Despite the achievements in public formal education, the country still has many areas to improve such as computer access and education, technical education and adult education. Because those are left out of formal education, CLCs currently take part in projects to educate its residents.
Community Learning Centers (CLCs)
Community Learning Centers (CLCs) were built since 2003 to provide practical education programmes to a wide range of community members. Because the government’s education policy is focused on child education, community members established CLCs under the financial support of UNESCO and the supervision of the local NGO Association Education for All (EFA) Kazakhstan in order to meet the learning demands of people and areas often neglected by the government.
Currently, there are a total of seven CLCs, and they are located in Amanbokter, Karbala, Kordai, Nogaibai, Sortobe, Karaganda, and Taraz.
Goals of CLCs
The objectives of CLCs are:
- To empower local people to be self-reliant
- To improve citizens’ quality of life
- To stimulate community development
- To identify and address the various needs of the community
- To mobilize community resources and human capital


Programme Evaluation

According to UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL), education programmes run by CLCs often include computer literacy, health education, sewing, carpentry, foreign language, pre-professional training and community enrichment programmes for the entire community.
Programme evaluation was conducted internally by the CLC committee, and externally by the supporting NGO Association EFA Kazakhstan.
CLCs reported positive achievements of its objectives by improving personal capacities, community business skills, and knowledge on hygiene and health as well as empowerment of marginalized groups, widespread of modern technology, modernization of attitudes, and participation in local governance. Moreover, 99% of the sample group of participants showed their satisfaction about the quality and content of the programme.
However, limitations were also detected according to “Sustainability of Community Learning Centers: Community Ownership and Support”, a report by UNESCO UIL and UNESCO Bangkok Office.
First, there is an issue of financial instability. Despite high demands for CLCs, funding is insufficient to expand programmes and activities to meet residents’ educational needs. In addition, five CLCs in Kazakhstan are not registered as non-profit organizations, and they are still taxed as profit-seeking organizations.
Second, majority of the heads in CLCs remain as passive recipients, not actively reacting about the programmes. CLCs need active leaders who can develop and strategically spread programmes that are really needed by residents.
Finally, there are no specific measurement criteria that evaluate the effectiveness of CLCs although CLCs are conducting a general evaluation and monitoring of their programmes. It is necessary to demonstrate effectiveness by using objective statistical results to clearly identify the results of the projects.

[APCEIU Supporter Kim Sujin]


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