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  1. 2014.04.06 ASEAN LITERARY FESTIVAL :” Anthems for the people”







Bringing together the finest writers from all over Southeast Asia, the first ASEAN Literary Festival 2014 was held at Taman Ismail Marzuki Art Center, Jakarta from 21st to 23rd March 2014. This year’s theme of the festival is “Anthems for the Common People”, which is inspired by “Song of the Grassroots” by Indonesia’s influential poet and activist Wiji Thukul. With the theme, ASEAN Literary Festival wanted to dedicate itself to become the voice of ordinary people.

Over 40 prominent writers, scholars and artists from ASEAN countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Filipina, Brunei Darussalam, Myanmar, Timor Leste perform and discussed the role of literature to help the member countries fostering a just society, as well as boosting human rights, freedom of expression and democratization. More than 600 people from all across Indonesia and the region also joined the festivity of the three-day event.


The festival featured discussions on various interesting topics such as “Contemporary ASEAN Literature” and “Democracy, Human Rights and Literature". Aside from the series of discussions, there were workshops, art performances, poetry reading, book signing, book exhibition, children’s literature, writer’s corners, publisher’s corners, community corner, and many more.

The ASEAN Literary Festival is the first cultural event where all ASEAN countries share proximity, similarities in culture and literature as well as sharing history of being colonized, level of democratization and economic development. The festival seeks to become a medium to boost the quality of the region’s literary works while being one of the bridges to get people of literature and public in general within the region to know each others’s culture, arts and literary works, boosting the likelyhood of ASEAN to become full-pledge community.




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