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  1. 2014.01.06 Climate Change and Education in the Middle East

Climate Change and Education in the Middle East


While political violence is one thing happening in the Middle East, climate change and its influence on children’s education have started to gain interest ever since World Bank published its report “Turn Down the Heat: Why a 4’C Warmer World Must be Avoided” in 2012. The reason why environmental education is becoming an important agenda is because the rising temperature and the resulting natural disasters are seriously affecting schools in Arabian nations such as Egypt, Algeria, and Saudi Arabia.

Of course, global warming is a phenomenon that can be observed all over the world, but the scorching heat and temporary stops in the electricity flow in the Arab world often disrupt students from attending school. With extreme weather, school buildings may even be destroyed. If such damages due to the changing climate continue to happen, students will not be able to learn effectively as there will be too many interruptions and hindrances. Consequently, at this rate, it may be harder for Arabian students to gain much from education even if they put in much more effort compared to students living in other regions.

 In order to minimize damages caused by climate change, infrastructures that will be less affected by natural conditions are being designed. On the other hand, Arabians are also very well aware that educating their students about climate change will also help to solve problems in the long run. As mentioned in Article 6 of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, “education, training and public awareness are integral to climate change responses.” Currently, programs are being planned to teach students the importance of sustainable development as well as awareness of preserving the environment so that Arabian nations could better cope with various challenges posed by natural settings. 





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