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  1. 2014.03.11 [Book & DVD] Singing Asia to Live Together
APCEIU 자료실2014.03.11 15:35


APCEIU published the "Singing Asia to Live Together," a practical teachers’ resource book and DVD which teachers in the Asia-Pacific region can effectively utilize in multicultural teaching/learning activities. The book, published both in Korean and English, is one of the outcomes of the 2013 Asia-Pacific Teacher Exchange for Global Education Programme sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Education.

The book, complete with music DVD, includes 35 different songs sung in primary schools across Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Uzbekistan. It consists of music notes, lyrics in local language with English pronunciations, socio-historical and geographical context of the music, and student activities, along with the music DVD that may be utilized in the classrooms.

Through the publication and the multimedia resource, APCEIU expects to foster various multicultural learning activities and enhance students’ knowledge on diverse cultures and music of Asia.

Book:  http://www.unescoapceiu.org/data/pdf/singing_asia_en.pdf

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