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  1. 2015.03.02 MOU with Busan Geumjeong District
APCEIU 안과밖2015.03.02 10:18


APCEIU and Busan Geumjeong District signed a Global Citizenship Cooperation Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) on 24 February 2015. Mr. Chung Utak, Director of APCEIU, was invited to give a special lecture to 300 employees.

APCEIU and Geumjeong District agreed on partnership in Training for Young Leaders in Global Citizenship Education, holistic education to facilitate communication with foreigners in the district and development of Global Citizenship Education materials. The lecture of Mr. Chung Utak was carried out with the theme of “Why Global Citizenship Education?” to foster global citizenship and global capacity of employees of Geumjung District.

In partnership with the United Nations Global Education First Initiative (GEFI), APCEIU will co-organize an advocacy training workshop for young leaders in Global Citizenship Education(GCED).  Supported by Geumjeong District, this workshop will be held in Busan on 30th March, for 50 participants between the ages of 18 to 24 from across the world.

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