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  1. 2016.02.17 Irina Bokova Stresses the Importance of GCED
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UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova mentioned and stressed the importance of Global Citizenship Education (GCED) at the celebration of marking the 70th anniversary of UNESCO and the establishment of the new UNESCO Chair in University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) which took place on 8th of February.

The Director-General emphasized that “we must provide every young woman and man with a sense of solidarity as global citizens, give them skills and values they need to tackle the challenges of our times.” She also stated that we need to counter violent extremism with tolerance, knowledge and cultural dialogues.

Ms Bokova affirmed that UNESCO will continue to cooperate with this Chair by addressing Professor Carlos Alberto Torres, an expert in GCED who will lead the new Chair at UCLA, and said that UNESCO shares his vision that “education must be about cultural literacy, respect and equal dignity,” and that fundamentally it should be the foundation for peace.

Photo: UNESCO, UCLA Newsroom

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