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  1. 2014.04.18 Consultation Meeting with Partner Organizations
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Consultation Meeting with Partner Organizations for 「Asia-Pacific Teacher Exchange for Global Education」  

From April 15th to 17th 2014, the Consultation Meeting with Partner Organizations for 「Asia-Pacific Teacher Exchange for Global Education」 was held at Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding. This meeting, attended by more than 20 people from four countries has its objective on inviting participants of teacher exchange countries to share the outcomes of past programs and to strengthen the program. In particular, as this was the first time in three years to have all participant countries gather in one place to share their experiences and thoughts, it was more meaningful.

Kang Young-soon, the Director-General of International Cooperation Bureau, the Director of Education ODA and Mobility Team, and two more participants from the Ministry of Education in Korea, the host of the program participated. From Mongolia, Ms. Tuya Narantuya, the Head of External Cooperation Division of the Ministry of Education and Science, the Director of Pre-School and Primary Education, and the Director of the Institute of Teacher’s Professional Development participated. From Indonesia, Ms. Unifah Rosyidi, the Head of Center for Professional Development of Teachers, and the Head of Division for Professional Development of Teachers participated. Also, from the Ministry of Education in Malaysia that participated in the program this year for the first time, Ms. Nur Fakhriyyah El-Emin Muhardi, the Assistant Director of Educational Planning and Research Division, the Assistant Director of Fully Residential and Excellence Schools Management Division, and the Assistant Director of the Teacher Training Division took part in the meeting.

On the first day, representatives from each country shared experiences and know-hows that may have been different from country to country, and sought the solution to carry on a successful programme this year. Especially, participants enjoyed watching a video clip that showed the activities of teachers dispatched to one another’s countries and how students in those countries responded. Also, they agreed on the necessity and importance of the programme.

On the following days, details of each country and feedbacks were shared. Culture-experiencing activities also took place including visiting Bukchon Hanok Village and watching a performance.



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