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Global Citizenship Education (GCED) has been proposed as one of the common global goals clearly indicated in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Education 2030 Framework for Action. Consequently, the importance of GCED in reaching the SDGs has been internationally recognized. Many well-motivated education authorities are challenged to strengthen their commitment to the fostering of global citizenship by reorienting national education system, first and most of all, by integrating GCED in the existing national curriculum or the process of curriculum development. In response to these endeavours, APCEIU has been conducting the GCED Curriculum Development and Integration projects in the four countries—Cambodia, Colombia, Mongolia and Uganda. In parallel with the situational analyses on the respective countries, APCEIU co-organized the Capacity-building Workshops which were designed to further facilitate policy dialogue on advocating and promoting GCED in the local contexts, and to reinforce the awareness and understanding of GCED among key players and stakeholders. Thus, the workshops play a crucial role in not only sharing the current challenges, opportunities and imperatives for GCED in each target country among participants, but also exploring effective ways to integrate GCED into the national curriculum.

The Capacity-building Workshop in Kampala, Uganda was jointly organized by the Uganda National Commission for UNESCO (UNATCOM), National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC) and APCEIU on 3-4 November 2016. The Workshop brought more 60 key players from the Ministry of Education and Sports officials responsible for policy formulation, planning and instructional materials, district Inspector of Schools, Principals, Head teachers, curriculum specialists, teacher educators, teachers, and religious leaders. Through this Workshop, key issues, opportunities, challenges and strategies for integration of GCED in Uganda’s education system were discussed.

On 23-26 November 2016, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the Kingdom of Cambodia and APCEIU co-organized the 3rd Capacity-building Workshop for GCED Curriculum Development and Integration into History and Moral-Civics Subjects in Takeo province, Cambodia. The 62 participants were from two main subjects namely History and Moral-Civics subjects as well as involved stakeholders from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport. The third workshop in Takeo province aimed at two folds: (1) specifically identify the GCED topics and learning outcomes that are relevant and proportionate to the number of the existing topics and learning of the two subjects; (2) identify the specific lessons in the two subjects for the integration of GCED topics and learning outcomes.

In Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, the 1st Capacity-building Workshop was held on 29-30 November 2016, co-organized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports(MECSS) and the Mongolian Institute of Educational Research (Institute of Education) and APCEIU. The number of the participants was approximately 60 consisting of MECSS officials responsible for policy planning, curriculum development, teacher training, textbook development, teacher education and other related fields, researchers at the Institute of Education and teachers trainers at the Institute of Teacher’s Professional Development and other related institutes and individual experts. During the workshop, Seungmi Lee from KICE gave presentations on the Korean Curriculum in line with GCED and explored the way to integrate GCED into Mongolian curriculum together with the participants.

Lastly, on 1 December 2016, the Ministry of Education of Colombia and APCEIU co-organized the 1st Capacity-building Workshop in Bogota. Throughout the one-day workshop, it was able to raise the level of awareness of GCED and its curriculum development and integration amongst the participants and delved into a prospective roadmap for GCED curriculum in Colombia. A total of 10 Ministry of Education officials of policy formulation, planning and instructional materials and officials from other government institutions attended the workshop.

Through a series of the workshops in the four countries, sustainable implementation mechanisms for mainstreaming and curriculum integration of GCED in their countries were established and strengthened.

In the following year, APCEIU will continue to support and facilitate the development of effective national and/or local curricula, or those of similar values (curricular guidelines, pedagogical guides, textbooks, or teaching-learning resources) on GCED.


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From the 20th to 22nd April 2016, APCEIU held a Kick-off Meeting to launch the GCED Curriculum Development and Integration project. International participants from various partner organizations had gathered in support of the three-year project involving the following participating countries—Cambodia, Colombia, Mongolia and Uganda.

The project, starting this year, aims to promote GCED in the curriculum development and integration of the four countries as well as to provide institutional framework and build capacity for sustainable implementation of GCED. With an aim of providing tailored assistance, situational analysis of the respective countries will be carried out to assess the different needs, which will go hand-in-hand with capacity-building workshops to complement the research and development process.

Participants of the meeting included key personnel from the Ministry of Education, research institutes, UNESCO regional & field offices/ UNESCO National Commissions and academia of the respective countries whom will take on roles as main partners and researchers of the project. A three-year plan and vision of the project were discussed over the roundtable particularly on the strategies for the first year.

In addition, prior to the Kick-off Meeting, a preliminary consultation was held with Renato Opertti, Senior Programme Specialist of UNESCO International Bureau of Education (IBE), which will be in charge of overall research and situational analysis of the project, while having intensive discussions on details of the methodology, goals and direction of the situational analysis.

The agenda of the Kick-off Meeting was as follows:
• Introduction to the GCED Curriculum Development and Integration project
• In-depth discussion to concretize the project implementation plans for each participating country
• Review of mechanism for delivery and monitoring of national curriculum and challenges/opportunities for the project
• Sharing of key documents as references for research purposes
• Delegation of responsibilities and roles for local capacity-building workshops
This meeting was able to reaffirm on-going effort of GCED advocacy in the participating countries and secure continuous partnership between APCEIU and the relevant institutions for the next three years.

A total of 15 delegations from the four participating countries—Cambodia, Colombia, Mongolia and Uganda, IBE and APCEIU took part in the meeting. The list of the representatives from the four participating countries is as follows:

- Cambodia
  · Mok Sarom (Deputy Director General, Directorate General of Education, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport)
  · Khieu Vicheanon (Deputy Director General of Inspectorate, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport)
  · Or Siem (Director of Curriculum Development Department, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport)
- Colombia
  · Ana Maria Velasquez Niño (Associate Professor School of Education, Universidad de los Andes)
  · Cecilia Barbieri (Senior Education Specialist, UNESCO Santiago Office, Chile)
- Mongolia
  · Tuya Narantuya (Head, External Cooperation Division, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science)
  · Begz Nadmid (Team Leader, Mongolian Child Development Research Team, Mongolian Education Research Institute)
- Uganda
  · Rosie Agoi (Acting Secretary-General, Uganda National Commission for UNESCO)
  · Patrice Ssembirige (Curriculum Specialist (Social studies), National Curriculum Development Centre)


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