Putting "international" into education


(2010 EARCOS Leadership Conference)


          The East Asia Regional Council of Schools (EARCOS) hosts the 45th annual EARCOS Leadership Conference (ELC2014) with the theme ‘Walking the talk: putting "international" into education.’ Online registration begins in the last week of June. This year’s conference will be held at Sutera Harbour Resort in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia on October 31. Josephine Kim (Harvard Graduate School of Education), Larry Rosenstock (High Tech High, a school-development organization) and 24 special presenters will offer provocative glimpses of the future of education as well as practical ideas for the present. Participants will discuss various topics on international education such as intercultural competence and global citizenship in the 21st century, internationalism, and data analysis for education.


           EARCOS was founded in 1968 to promote intercultural understanding, global citizenship and exceptional educational practices within East Asian community. It has held various conferences every year since 1969 to support communication and cooperative action between and among all associated schools. It is expected that ELC 2014 will provide participants with an opportunity for networking and improving leadership skill. For more information on ELC2014, please visit the web site (http://www.earcos.org/elc2014/) or email the ELC Coordinator (vitzb@earcos.org).


Photo and content : http://www.earcos.org/elc2014/



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