APCEIU 안과밖2014.10.23 10:29


"Thanks to all your hard work over the month, our Korean students now understand the culture of Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines better, perceive these three countries as neighbors. They have indeed, gained a deeper sense of mutual understanding."

Director CHANG Mi Ran from the Education ODA and Mobility Team of the Korean Ministry of Education expressed her gratitude to exchange teachers from Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, at the Midterm Review held on 15 October at APCEIU. She also thanked delegations from the three countries’ ministries of education, officials from the different metropolitan and provincial offices of education in Korea, and principals and mentor teachers from the 24 host schools across Korea.

Through his welcoming speech, APCEIU Director CHUNG Utak asked of the teachers to bring new suggestions and ideas to the Teacher Exchange Programme so that the programme can contribute more to enhance participating teachers’ competency and promote intercultural understanding between Korea and the partner countries.
Since last September, the teachers dispatched to various secondary schools across Korea have been giving lectures on their major subjects as well as introducing their local culture to Korean students. The teachers will also be holding their final presentation this coming 28th of November at APCEIU.
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