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Co-organized by Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU) and Lesotho Distance Teaching Centre (LDTC), Workshop in Lesotho on GCED (Global Citizenship Education) took place between 12 and 14 of July 2017 in Maseru, the capital city of Lesotho.

As a post-Fellowship programme, Fellowship Good Practices & On-site Training (Fellows in Action 2017) was launched this year to identify exemplary initiatives led by alumni of the UNESCO/KOICA Joint Fellowship Programme. The Programme is designed to provide support to the alumni of the Fellowship Programmes to share their good educational practices in local contexts, applying the knowledge and skills gained from APCEIU’s two-month training in Korea. The case of Ms. Nomsa Mpalami (2015 Fellowship Participant from Lesotho),‘teacher training on peace education for non-formal educators in Lesotho’, has been selected as one of the three good practices, and the Workshop was implemented to further encourage her efforts to enhance the capacity of teachers in non-formal sector on GCED and peace education. Ms. Nomsa Mpalami has provided peace education and conflict resolution programmes to non-formal educators in Lesotho. Especially, she has delivered workshops on capacity building and peace education material development to solve local conflicts which is the on-going issue in Lesotho.

The Workshop invited 30 non-formal educators from different regions of Lesotho to learn about GCED with a focus of peace education and PVE(Preventing Violent Extremism). Sessions and lectures on conceptual framework of peace education were led by Dr. Yonas Adeto (Institute of Peace and Security Studies, Addis Ababa University). Discussion and dialogue on ways of dealing with conflicts and methods of conflict transformation in their own contexts facilitated by Ms. M. Mohasi (Transformation Resource Centre, Lesotho). 

Participants created learning materials on peace and conflict transformation reflecting the lessens learned, which will be used as teaching and learning resources for their learners. The learning materials created by the participants will further be polished and edited to be published as booklets on peace education by the publication department of LDTC, which will be disseminated throughout the country, including schools, community centers, libraries and other institutions where teachers can utilize them as teaching and learning materials.


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1st Global Citizens Video Contest

APCEIU and Korean Civic Education Institute for Democracy invite youth around the world to take part in the 1st Global Citizens Video Contest.

Entrants should make a 3-7 minute multimedia production about one of the following topics; 1)Democracy & Election 2) Global Citizenship and submit it through the official website. We appreciate your participation for this event to be responsible and active citizens in a globalised world.

Reference: http://bit.ly/2prRcbu


1st Global Citizens Video Contest




    □ Open to everyone interested

* Selected entries cannot be awarded twice


□ Responsible and Active Citizens in a Globalized World


  Entry Fields

□ Democracy & Election

       □ Global Citizenship

      * Please refer to homepage(www.gce-contest.or.kr) for more details.



    □ Contest Kickoff : May 1

    □ Submission deadline : June 15

     1st Screening Period : June 16 - 30

     2nd Screening Period : July 20

     Announcement of the Winners July 27

       * The schedule may be subject to change.


Video Requirements and Format

Format: Video ? 3 mins to 7 mins

□ Language: The narrative, if any, should be in English.

□ Resolution: Higher than 1280x720 pixels (HD Grade)

□ Capacity: Less than 150MB (If awarded, the original should be submitted


* All genres are accepted. (Video Clip, Flash, Animation, Advertisement, Music Video and Picture Slides)

 Submissions of Entries

     □ All videos should be submitted through the following website:


* Submitted videos will be uploaded in Contest YouTube channel.


Screening Process

□ Preliminaries

Video entries will initially be screened by following criteria: Number of views on YouTube channel (50%) + Screening score by organizers (50%)

  * Only 25 videos will be selected in the 1st round

□ Finals

  Scores determined by internal and external selection committee members




No. of Awardees

Prize presented by

Grand Prize

(US$ 5,000)



Chairperson of the National Election Commission of the Republic of Korea


First Prize

(US$ 2,000)



Second Prize

(US$ 1,000)




Contact Information

Tel.: [+82-2] 334-9044

Email: blade@thinkcontest.com

Homepage: www.gce-contest.or.kr


Terms and Conditions

Your submission permits the Korea Civic Education Institute for Democracy and UNESCO APCEIU to distribute the video for non-profit use. Additionally, all photo submission must be owned and taken by the submitting individual. Failure to do so will result in immediate disqualification and possible legal action by the original owner of the photo. 

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