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  1. 2014.01.07 Orchestra Collaboration to Strengthen Friendship between Indonesia & Singapore

Orchestra Collaboration to Strengthen Friendship 

between Indonesia & Singapore


An art center in Singapore was filled with the harmony of an orchestra of Indonesian traditional instruments, Angklung and a Chinese orchestra consisting Chinese traditional instruments in 13 December, 2013. Youth Angklung Orchestra Indonesia (YAOI) and Marsiling Chinese Orchestra (MCO) of Singapore collaborated in “Love across the Oceans” as a part of cultural exchange between Indonesia and Singapore. The title of the performance, “Love across the Oceans” suggests the meaning of mutual understanding and friendship across borders.

 This performance attracted public attention, for the UNESCO-Cultural-Heritage and Indonesian traditional instrument, Angklung was played. Angklung is a bamboo-made instrument which is often played in various Indonesian traditional events such as harvest and rice planting. Accordingly, this collaboration made the performance have a characteristic of traditional cultural exchange in that a Singaporean orchestra with Chinese traditional instruments joined and Singapore has around 80 percent of Chinese population. 

Mr. Khaw Boon Wan, Minister for National Development, Singapore said that this collaboration was an effort between two countries to strengthen their friendship through personal connection. This performance was supported by two countries of ASEAN who need to foster international understanding and exchange with each other for better cooperation. Especially, Mr. Hawazi Daipi, the Senior Parliamentary Secretary of Minister of Education and Ministry of Manpower and the initiator of the collaboration, flied back-and-forth to observe those practice sessions.

YAOI and MCO played various Asian songs such as Indonesian classic, Chinese pop song, Malay folk song and Korean classic in the performance.

The first collaboration of YAOI and MCO took place in Indonesia in September, 2013. In return, YAOI joined the performance with MCO in Singapore in December. This is a part of a growing trend of Indonesia and Singapore’s cultural exchanges. For example, there was the music collaboration performance called “Fiesta Muzik” featured by popular singers from Indonesia and Singapore in 2011.





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