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  1. 2014.06.11 Reaffirming the Significance of Language Learning in the 21st Century

Reaffirming the Significance of Language Learning in the 21st Century


“The only way to build a development model that is universal is to take into account the cultural diversity of humanity, and this includes multilingualism.”

Irina Bokova, the Director-General of UNESCO, said in her speech during the International Conference on Language held in Sozhou, China from June 5th to 6th. The conference, organized by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China in partnership with UNESCO, took place under the theme of “Enhancing Language Ability and Education for the 21st Century.”

Participants were approximately 300 international delegates and 100 Chinese representatives. The conference became the forum to reaffirm the significance of language learning in the 21st century, to which UNESCO has paid attention.

The conference brought together various experts, including government officials, policy-makers, researchers, educators and development partners, to reflect on challenges and new options for effective language education.

The objectives of the Conference were the following: 
1. Address the importance of language ability for intercultural understanding and sustainable human development. 
2. Enhance language ability through the exchange of information, good practices and knowledge on innovative approaches to language education, including multilingual education. 
3. Promote collaboration amongst concerned stakeholders across different regions to enhance language ability.

Language ability has become crucial to live in a globalized and culturally diverse world. Therefore, UNESCO adopted the term ‘multilingual education’ in 1999 in the General Conference Resolution 12 to refer to the use of at least three languages, including the mother tongue. 


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