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The International Conference on GCED took place at the Sheraton Seoul D-Cube City in Seoul, Republic of Korea from the 24th to 25th of October. Co-organized by APCEIU, the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Korea, and JoongAng Ilbo, in partnership with UNESCO Headquarters, this Conference brought over 300 people together from more than 40 countries to share their practices of and ideas about GCED. These speakers and participants came from diverse backgrounds, working in the international organizations, ministries of education, research institutions, schools, non-profit organizations and many more. Youth as well as the general public who are interested in GCED also participated.

The Conference consisted of plenary sessions and concurrent sessions. In the Keynote Session, policymakers from different countries and backgrounds were invited to share the current status of GCED respectively from their points of view and discussed what progresses were made and are needed to be made. The speakers were Br. Armin Luistro (Former Secretary of the Department of Education of the Philippines), Se Yeon Kim (Member of National Assembly of the Republic of Korea), Bonian Golmohammadi (Secretary General of WFUNA) and Utak Chung (Director of APCEIU).

In the Panel Discussion Session, the moderator, Professor Kazuhiro Yoshida asked intriguing questions to the panelists in the format of an OX Quiz. The questions asked them if a person who spoke many languages, who traveled around the world frequently, had interest in news about happenings abroad were global citizens. Most of the panelists responded that global citizenship did not have much to do with traveling or languages, but was related much more with responsibility and empathy for others. The panelists of this session were Albert John Saka (Malawi teacher), Braulio Guemez (Student of UNAM, Mexico), Sujan Shakya (Former member of the Non-summit) and Jay R. Lee (Director at Korea Corporate Affairs Group Intel Greater Asia Region).

The GCED Talks, following the format of the TED Talks, invited the four speakers: Young-suk YS Chi (Chairman of Elsevier), Rediet Kefale (Campaign Coordinator at Yellow Movement), Seth Leighton (CEO and Co-founder of Envoys) and Youn-yeong Lee (General Manager of Indigo Seowon). These four speakers genuinely shared the stories of their lives and thoughts about what a global citizen is, and GCED.

In the concurrent session, speakers delved more deeply into specific practices and implementation of GCED. Concurrent Session 1 under the theme of ‘Actors of GCED’ consisted of three sessions. In these sessions, practitioners of GCED that are serving as teachers and school leaders shared how they are promoting GCED at their schools. There was also a separate session for youth, where youth from Pakistan, Indonesia, Palestine and China shared their advocacy works for GCED and future plans to further promote GCED.

Concurrent Session 2 was comprised of distinctive four sessions, each dealing with key themes of GCED that are regarded as pivotal pillars of GCED. These sessions aroused participants’ interest as many speakers carried out workshops. Participants wrote their ideas on large posters and presented their ideas to group members as well as the entire audience. There were also games where people gathered in groups according to their age, nationality, sex and religion and shared stereotypes and how to prevent them.

Concurrent Session 3 consisted of four different sessions dealing with actual implementation of GCED. These sessions addressed the integration of GCED into curriculums, GCED in higher education, assessing the learning outcomes of GCED, and transformative pedagogies. Participants earned valuable knowledge and insights that they could adapt to their practices.

Throughout the Conference, many speakers and participants could have chances to get to know each other, exchange ideas and information about GCED and strengthen networks. Since the International Conference on GCED is an annual conference, we expect that every year more and more participants interested in GCED can contribute to discussions and build concrete partnerships in this Conference as a great catalyst for advancement of GCED.

You can find more detailed information on the Conference at: http://gced.unescoapceiu.org/conference

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