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APCEIU has completed a progress briefing session for Mongolian teachers who had been invited to Korea as participants of the 2014 Korea-Mongolia Teacher Exchange Programme, and has visited the Korean host schools to which these Mongolian teachers were dispatched. The Korea-Mongolian Teacher Exchange, which started last April, will end on the 18th of this month after the final briefing session.

The Korean Ministry of Education and APCEIU have visited Incheon Yangchon Middle School (Incheon), Seoul Samjeon Elementary School (Seoul), Wonmi High School (Gyoenggi), Chadong Elementary School (Chungnam), Hwangji Elementary School (Gangwon), and Baengnok Elementary School (Jeju) during last June to monitor the Mongolian teachers’ educational activities, work, and living environments, focusing primarily on the new Korean host schools of 2014.

Upon this visit, Dong-Ik KIM, vice principal of Hwangji Elementary School, stated, “The Korea-Mongolia Teacher Exchange Programme, which was initiated for the purpose of promoting students’ sensibilities of international understanding and understanding of global citizenship education, is achieving more than we had expected.” Also, Mongolian teacher Baatariav GEREL, who was dispatched and now is working in Chadong Elementary School, said, “I taught not only in Chadong Elementary School but also in the schools nearby, including Seosan Elementary School. And seeing how students have shown such a good response, I found the experience to be very rewarding.”

Meanwhile, the Mongolian teachers’ mid-term review was held at the APCEIU on the 2nd of June, with the Mongolian Ministry of Education and Science and Korean Ministry of Education as well as teachers from the Korean host schools, APCEIU, and others in attendance. Following this, from the 2nd to 4th of June, Mongolian teachers participated in an Education for International Understanding lesson plan development workshop, a Korean cultural experience activities.


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The 2013 Korea-Mongolia Teacher Exchange Programme successfully concluded with the Final Review and Closing Ceremony that were held on 23 December.

24 Korean teachers were dispatched to Mongolia on 31 August and assigned to Mongolian host schools after 2-week long local adjustment training for 2013 Korea-Mongolia Teacher Exchange Programme. Particularly, in response to the request of Ministry of Education and Science of Mongolia, Korean teachers were first sent to 7 different regions including Ulaanbaatar, and realm of the special education was included in 2013.
Korean teachers dispatched to Mongolia engaged in in-depth educational activities in Mongolian associated schools such as Korean culture and language class, class of the teachers’ subject area, and various afterschool activities. Moreover, teachers showed their determination to extend scope of the education for international understanding in future educational practice in Korea based on their experiences.
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