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  1. 2015.04.13 Opening of Magnum’s First
APCEIU 안과밖2015.04.13 09:39



The Museum of Photography, Seoul, feature the exhibition Magnum’s First, organized by Magnum Photos and sponsored by APCEIU.
This exhibition takes place from 4 April to 15 August at the Museum of Photography, Seoul.
At the opening event on 4 April, CHUNG Utak, the director of APCEIU gave an opening speech. He emphasized the role of UNESCO as one of the international organizations that support cultural sector and said “APCEIU will seek to cooperate with related institutes in this area.”

The prints, including the works of starting members of Magnum are from the first exhibition of Magnum, a photographic co-operative of great distinction in Europe and USA. After being presented in five cities between 1955 and 1956, they were lost for 50 years and have been rediscovered in 2006 in cellar of French Cultural Center in Innsbruck. This exhibition presents 83 original black and white prints of 8 photographers including the famous works of Henri Cartier ?Bresson of Mahatma Gandhi’s last moments.
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