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#WeGlobalCitizens, 2nd round

Join SNS campaign at the WEF Side-event

Visitors of the side-events of World Education Forum(WEF) can participate in our SNS campaign with pictures and videos taken at the GCED Exhibition organized by APCEIU.

There will be photo zones and many interesting places drawing attention of visitors.

The deadline for all submissions is 30th May 2015. 

SNS Campaign Will Continue...........

Join our efforts to promote global citizenship for sustainable peace. Here are two ways to actively participate.

- Take a photo holding a sign “# We are Global Citizens” or ”We, Global Citizens __________” (Fill the blank with your own words in English).

Ex) “We, Global Citizens think_____”
   “We, Global Citizens share_____”
   “We, Global Citizens act_____”

Post the photo to APCEIU Twitter or Facebook(https://www.facebook.com/unescoapceiu) or Instagram(https://instagram.com/apceiu) using the hashtag #WeGlobalCitizens.

- Make a short video clip with a message that supports global citizenship or introduces your activities on global citizenship.

Upload your video on APCEIU Youtube channel(https://www.youtube.com/user/APCEIU) and share the video on APCEIUTwitter(https://twitter.com/apceiu) or Facebook(https://www.facebook.com/unescoapceiu) with the hashtag #WeGlobalCitizens. (Please speak in English, or use English subtitle)


Why Global Citizenship?

Fostering Global Citizenship constitutes one of the thematic pillars of Global Education First Initiative(GEFI) launched in 2012 by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. In recognition of its growing significance, Global Citizenship will be a part of the World Education Forum agenda. The forum will be held this coming May in Incheon, Republic of Korea to bring together governments and educational experts from around the world to discuss the post-2015 agenda.

Raising awareness of global citizenship is crucial to promote a Culture of Peace. The online campaign “#WeGlobalCitizens” is carried out by APCEIU and combined efforts from each of you to reinforce a sense of living together and make a better world.

 #WeGlobalCitizens, 2 캠페인 시작

세계시민교육 전시회(WEF 부대행사)를 방문하여 캠페인에 참여하세요

세계교육포럼(WEF)을 맞이하여 제 2차 세계시민의식 SNS 캠페인을 진행합니다.

세계교육포럼 부대행사의 일환으로 아태교육원이 준비한 [세계시민교육 전시회]를 방문하셔서 GCED 부스 및 포토존에서 직접 참여할 수 있습니다.

사진 및 영상 제출 마감 기한은 2015 5 30일까지입니다.


SNS 캠페인은 계속됩니다

캠페인 참여로 지속적인 평화 구축을 위한 세계시민의식 함양을 지지하세요한 장의 사진 또는 비디오 영상으로 참여하실 수 있습니다.


- “#We are Global Citizens” 라는 문구를 들고 사진을 찍어주세요또는 “We, Global Citizens____”라는 문구와 함께 세계시민에 대한 생각을 자유롭게 빈칸에 채워 사진을 찍어주세요(영어 사용).

예시) “We, Global Citizens think…”
     “We, Global Citizens share…”
     “We, Global Citizens act…”


이 사진을 아태교육원 트위터(https://twitter.com/apceiu), 페이스북(https://www.facebook.com/unescoapceiu) 또는 인스타그램(https://instagram.com/apceiu) #WeGlobalCitizens 해쉬태그를 사용하여 업로드해주세요.

세계시민의식을 지지하는 메시지를 담은 짧은 영상이나 세계시민으로서 자신이 현재 하고 있는 활동에 대한 이야기를 담은 비디오를 제작하세요(영어 자막 혹은 영어 대사 사용).

비디오는 아태교육원 유튜브(https://www.youtube.com/user/APCEIU)에 업로드한 후 해쉬태그 #WeGlobalCitizens를 이용하여 트위터혹은 페이스북에 공유해주세요.



 ‘세계시민의식’ 인가?

세계시민의식의 함양은 유엔 반기문 사무총장이 2012년 주창한 ‘글로벌교육 우선구상(GEFI)의 중점 분야로 제시되었습니다또한 post-2015 어젠다를 논의하기 위해 5월 인천에서 개최되는 세계교육포럼의 주요 의제에 포함되어 있습니다.

평화의 문화를 확립하기 위해 세계시민의식은 필수적입니다함께 어울려 사는더 나은 세상을 만들기 위해 아태교육원은 #WeGlobalCitizens 캠페인을 진행하고 있습니다.


세계인이 주목하는 세계교육포럼 기간 동안 캠페인을 통해 세계시민의식을 알리고세계시민교육의 중요성이 post-2015 어젠다에 반영될 수 있도록 2차 캠페인을 진행합니다.



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The Local Adjustment Training for Korea-Philippines·Korea-Mongolia Teacher Exchange Programme is carried out 20-23 April for 4 days at APCEIU. This programme, organized by APCEIU as part of the Asia-Pacific Teacher Exchange for Global Education of the Korean Ministry of Education is for 20 Filipino and 10 Mongolian in service and preliminary teachers. Korea-Philippines Teacher Exchange Programme holds training sessions after making agreement with schools from diverse regions such as Ulaanbaatar city, Orkhon province and Filipino teachers came from different regions including Quezon city and Mandaluyong.  

Through various lectures including Education for International Understanding and Korean language as well as diverse cultural activities before being dispatched to schools, participants will have an opportunity to adjust to new environment. In his lecture on ‘Education for International Understanding and Teacher Exchange Programme’, CHUNG Utak, director of APCEIU emphasized Global Citizenship Education and there was a dialogue session with mentor teachers from partner schools to better understand Korean education.
For 3 months from 24th April to 10th July, Filipino and Mongolian teachers will be teaching their major subjects and their cultures. Filipino teachers will be dispatched to 10 schools including Sindang Elementary School and Kyongchon Middle School while Mongolian teachers will be teaching in 5 Korean schools including Yeouido Middle School and Anyang Haesol School. 
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Aga Khan Foundation Canada carried out a Global Citizenship Education(GCED) event in partnership with UNESCO and the Canadian Commission for UNESCO on the 30th March.

Ms. Soo-Hyang Choi, Director of the Division for Teaching, Learning and Content of the
UNESCO gave a presentation “Building Global Citizens: Educating for the 21st Century” which was on the main issues of GCED followed by the Q&A session. Ms. Choi addressed how GCED is being defined, put into action and measured. This final event in the Making the Grade in Global Education series was an opportunity to learn about GCED which may be part of the United Nations discussions on the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals in September.
Aga Khan Foundation Canada is an agency of Aga Khan Development Network which is an international network of agencies devoted to improving the quality of life of the poor across the world. This foundation launched Making the Grade in Global Education series last September.
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The 2015 Global Monitoring Report(GMR) provides a comprehensive assessment on achievements and challenges of the six ‘Education For All goals 2000-2015’ set at the World Education Forum in Dakar. This report includes evaluation on whether stakeholders upheld their commitments or if the countries made progress toward their EFA goals.
The 2015 Global Monitoring Report will be launched on the 9th of April 2015 at main events organized by UNESCO in New Delhi, Paris, and New York. Education ministers from eight countries, Nobel Prize winner Kailash Satyarthi and Jeffrey Sachs, and international organizations involved in the post-2015 Sustainable Development goal negotiations are invited to take part in these events.
The 2015 Global Monitoring Report will give valuable lessons for shaping the post-2015 global education agenda that will be discussed at 2015 World Education Forum that will be held in Republic of Korea this May.
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Time has come to apply for teaching across borders through the Asia-Pacific Teacher Exchange for Global Education (APTE)!  

APTE is a Programme that has been hosted by the Korean Ministry of Education and implemented by the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU) for the past three years. By exchanging teachers between Korea and partner countries, APTE aims to raise the global competences of participating teachers and enhance mutual understanding of different cultures. It seeks for international cooperation in the field of education by inviting teachers from Asia-Pacific countries to Korea and by sending Korean teachers to those countries, where teachers could teach students of different nationalities. Entering Vietnam, partner countries increased into six from this year: the Philippines, Viet Nam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, and Korea.
Approximately 300 teachers have shared their passion with students in partner countries, and made efforts to raise awareness of cultural diversity within the society afterwards. The participating teachers claim that the teaching experiences in partner countries have become unforgettable memories broadening their horizons in teaching profession.
This year, the first batch of Korean teachers will be dispatched to Malaysia during June to September, and then to Indonesia (August to November), to the Philippine, Vietnam, and Mongolia(September to December). For teachers of other partner countries, each respective ministry will handle the process of application and selection.
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APCEIU will co-organize the Global Youth Advocacy Workshop on Global Citizenship Education (GCED) with the UN Secretary General’s Global Education First Initiative (GEFI) and the UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development (MGIEP) from 30 March to 4 April 2015 at the Geumjeong Cultural Center in Busan, Republic of Korea. The event is sponsored by Educate A Child and the Geum-jeong District of Busan Metropolitan City.

The workshop aims to build the capacity of dynamic young leaders from across the world to advocate for GCED. The workshop will be attended by a total of 48 youth leaders from 37 countries, selected on the basis of their current engagement and future commitment in educating youth at the local and national levels around GCED. Throughout the programme, the participants will actively engage with all components the workshop, each taking up a role to truly make the workshop “for the youth, by the youth.”

Consisting of a wide variety of interactive sessions and activities, the workshop will enable the participants to build a common understanding of GCED and its key priorities, to elaborate advocacy strategies suitable for implementation at the local and national levels, and establish a global network of youth advocates to advance the GCED agenda beyond 2015. At the end of the workshop, the participants will propose regional advocacy strategies as the outcome of their group discussions, and identify key strategies for a global youth advocacy strategic framework.


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Recent ethnic and religious conflicts such as terrorist attacks and racism have violated human rights of many citizens around the world, undermining efforts to build sustainable peace.

UNESCO and the Permanent Delegation of the Republic of Latvia to UNESCO organized a panel discussion on the 18th March with participation of government officials, international experts and educators. At the event, Irina Bokova, the Director-General of UNESCO gave opening remark and other speakers included Minister of Education and Sciences of the Republic of Latvia and Chris Castle, Chief of the Section of Health and Global citizenship Education.

The participants addressed issues on how education could bring changes through effective educational policy and practices and what kind of changes can be realistically expected from formal education systems today. During the discussions, contemporary approaches to address to promote tolerance and the respect of diversity through education were presented and participants discussed the trends and actions taken by education stakeholders at the international and country levels.
Following the discussions at the Second UNESCO Forum on Global Citizenship Education in January, this public event relects the global and national efforts to promote a sense of learning to live together by promoting Global Citizenship Education.


- Contents
- Photo : UNESCO/Kate Holt
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On 6 March 2015, APCEIU, UNESCO and the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Korea to the United Nations co-convened the Information Meeting on World Education Forum (WEF) 2015 and Seminar on Global Citizenship Education (GCED) at the United Nations (UN) Headquarters in New York.

APCEIU Director Mr. Utak Chung participated in both meetings in the presence of UN Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki-moon, UNESCO Director-General Ms. Irina Bokova, and Permanent Representative of the Republic of Korea Mission to the UN Mr. Oh Joon.

This information meeting was organized in view of the WEF 2015 to be held in Incheon, Republic of Korea, from 19 to 22 May 2015, where the global community will take stock of achievements and shortfalls and agree on a joint position for the post-2015 agenda and how to realize it, ahead of the UN High-Level Summit in September. Also, this was in line with the effort of integrating GCED into the new Sustainable Development Goals.

In his opening statement, the UN Secretary-General recalled that "the World Education Forum will take place at an important time for the United Nations as we prepare to adopt a new development agenda and launch a new set of Sustainable Development Goals. We hope that the outcome of the Forum will be fully aligned with that effort so that there is a single education agenda that delivers for all."

In support of the Seminar on GCED that followed the Information Meeting, the Secretary-General stressed that "In an era of rising intolerance and extremist violence, global citizenship education will play a crucial role in promoting mutual understanding. It is essential to counter radicalization and the divisive, hate-filled narratives that extremists use to gain new recruits. The World Education Forum will be an important contribution to our efforts, and I wish to thank UNESCO for its leadership."

“Following Jomtien (1990) and Dakar (2000), the WEF in Incheon is the moment when the world will gather to set a new agenda for a better future for all,” said the UNESCO Director-General.

Thanking the Republic of Korea for its leadership, she underlined that the WEF 2015 is a landmark event. “It will be the moment to renew our vision and chart a new course, to put education first, to make sure no one is left behind,” she continued. “This is the moment for all of us to shape a new education agenda for the 21st century. A vision of education as a stand-alone goal in the future agenda, essential for the success of all other goals.” She appealed to every Member State to be represented at the highest possible level and for the engagement of all partners.

The Director-General went on to highlight the progress made across the world to improve access, advance gender equality and to strengthen education systems, affirming that “this shows what can be done when political will is matched with effective policy. But we must draw on the right lessons from this experience.” She called for a new focus on quality, to foster learning throughout life and help girls all the way through secondary education and beyond.  

“At times of uncertainty, in this period of turbulence, education is our best bet, for human rights and dignity, for more sustainable development, for more lasting peace,” she said.


Mr. Young-gon Kim, Secretary-General of the WEF 2015 Host Committee Secretariat at the Korean Ministry of Education, provided a presentation on the event logistics and a Q & A session moderated by Mr. Qian Tang, Assistant Director-General for Education of UNESCO, was followed to give participants more information on the objectives, expected outcomes as well as how to take part in this landmark Forum.  

Opening the seminar, the Director-General stated that in this turning point year for the Millennium Development Goals, when States are defining a new global sustainable agenda, “challenges are global ? we need to act globally in response. We need new skills for new times ? we need new forms of global citizenship.” She also recognized and appreciated an outstanding commitment of the Republic of Korea as one of the most active GEFI Champion Countries among its 16 members as well as a big contribution made by APCEIU towards the advancement of GCED.

“I make this appeal in the year when we celebrate the 70th anniversary of UNESCO,” said Irina Bokova. "More than ever, we need to bridge cultures through dialogue and respect, we need to learn to live together in solidarity, in harmony with the planet. More than ever, education must be more than transmitting information and knowledge.” She once again emphasized that all these are in the spirit of GCED, and this must be embedded in the heart of the new Sustainable Development Goals, which would be defined by all the Member States. In order to make it happen, she added that UNESCO has been continuously building efforts on the advances of previous achievements with APCEIU, Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development (MGIEP), and a number of other partners.

During the panel discussion moderated by the Deputy Permanent Representative of the Republic of Korea to the UN, Mr. Hahn Choong-Hee, Ms. Jamira Burley of GEFI Youth Advocate, UNESCO Chairholder Prof. Carlos Torres of UCLA, Mr. Chris Castle of UNESCO, and Mr. Utak Chung of APCEIU presented on GCED with diverse focuses such as its concept, role, and practices.

In the end, the event encouraged an active engagement of each Member State as well as raised awareness of the importance of GCED as a critical aspect of the post-2015 development agenda which enabled the establishment of expanded partnerships among UN, UNESCO, all the states, and related organizations.
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