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  1. 2014.04.11 Introducing 2nd Supporter_(2)Sira Kim


Hello. I am Sira Kim, working as the 2nd APCEIU Supporter.

Since I had lived in Shanghai for 5 years, I got close to the word " International". I always say that I will work internationally in the future. I noticed that there are a lot of international organizations and I decided to be an international officer.

After entering university, I participated in a lot of activities to find my role and specialties in international organizations.

In the 2013 Pyeong-Chang Special Olympics, I worked as a language volunteer and played the role as a ‘private diplomat’. Since I saw scholars and experts sharing ideas and thoughts to help each other and develop together in the 2012 EAS Congress(East Asian Seas Congress), I began to gain interest in international cooperation.

Also, I am interested in the field of education. I participated in the 'Dream Bus Cricket Class with foreign teachers', 'JA KOREA Education of Economics' and 'SOC SOC CAMP', a camp for primary children. 

Now, I am making effort to find my major role and specialties in international organizations, especially in education for international understanding and international cooperation.

Also, I am working as a leader of 2nd APCEIU Supporters and 'Happy messenger' in WorldTogether. I am 'CLIPEE' in Youthclip which is a youth NPO certified by Seoul.

 "No Sweet without Sweat"

Like my motto, I try hard to communicate with people through articles about APCEIU and Education for International Understanding and try to seek my role in International organizations.




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