'Trans-Siberian Railway'에 해당되는 글 1건

  1. 2016.12.23 APCEIU publishes GCED Photobook “Begin from the end -> From Siberia to Baltic Sea”
APCEIU 안과밖2016.12.23 17:47

As a part of GCED content development utilizing photography, APCEIU published a GCED Photobook “Begin from the end -> From Siberia to Baltic Sea”. This photobook contains around 130 photos that were taken during the journey on Trans-Siberian Railway crossing the Eurasia continent. The book also carries interesting stories which describes cities and people from each train stops with perspective of Global Citizenship Education.

The background for this photobook, Russian Federation not only has diversity of peoples and cultures from the largest territory in the world but also is a country with unique identity which encompasses both Europe and Asia. 

APCEIU hopes to share with readers the vast nature of Siberia, stories of peoples, and the unforgettable experiences of sharing and communicating through the journey on train. APCEIU also aims at delivering the core values of GCED such as Cultural Diversity, Peace and Learning to Live Together through images and stories in this book. 

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