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  1. 2016.07.18 2nd Youth Leadership Workshop on #GCED gathers youth voices from around the world
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The 2nd Youth Leadership Workshop on GCED kicked off on 12 July and will last until 16 July 2016 . APCEIU co-organized the 2nd Youth Leadership Workshop on Global Citizenship Education (GCED) with the UN Secretary General’s Global Education First Initiative (GEFI) at the Busan University of Foreign Studies in Busan, Republic of Korea. For this event, Busan University of Foreign Studies(BUFS) and Geumjeong District of Busan Metropolitan City will be working as cooperation partners.

The workshop aims to build the capacity of dynamic young leaders and facilitate international exchange among participants from 5 regions (North America-Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, Latin America, Middle East and North-Africa) to lead and advocate for GCED.

A total of 49 youth leaders from 38 countries are attending the workshop, selected on the basis of their current engagement and future commitment in educating youth at the local and national levels around GCED.

Members of the Youth Advocacy Group of the UN Secretary General, previous GCED Youth workshop participants in different regions of the world and APCEIU staff are leading the workshop as the five main facilitators for discussion to construct GCED Youth network.



In the opening ceremony, Dr.Utak CHUNG, Director of APCEIU, gave opening remarks to participants. Following his words, Ms. Min-Jeong KIM, head of secretariat of GEFI and Dr. Jeong-Bae LEE, vice president of BUFS also gave welcoming remarks. The congratulatory remarks were delivered by Mr. Jeong-hee WON, mayor of Geumjeong District.

Dr. Utak CHUNG emphasized the importance of the GCED Youth network to amplify the voice of youth. He stated in his opening remark, “This (GCED Youth) network will become an invaluable resource of advancing the GCED agenda beyond 2015, in a way that resonates with the voice of youth and their needs.” He asked participants’ to actively engage with all components of the workshop, saying he truly hopes participants make this workshop “for the youth, and by the youth.”

Ms. Min-Jeong Kim said that UNESCO believes in the power of energy, innovativeness and dynamism of youth. She encouraged participants by saying: “Imagine the transformative change that could be brought by collective action of 1.8 billion young people in the world.” 

Mr. Jeong-hee WON commented in his congratulatory remark, “The following 4 days will be an important asset to achieve participants’ dream, which will work to give hope to everyone in the world.”

During the first day, participants had lessons on understanding concepts of SDGs, SDG 4.7 and GCED, and the ways in which APCEIU is working on targeting youth while promoting GCED. There were also sessions in which the youth shared their recommendations on the previous GCED youth workshops and had the opportunity to made friends with each other while taking part in icebreaker activities. 

The workshop consists of a wide variety of interactive sessions and activities, such as - plenary sessions to understand GCED, exploring local initiatives on GCED with local youth, discussion on the GCED youth network etc. The workshop aims to enable the participants to build a common understanding of GCED and its key priorities, to elaborate on leadership strategies suitable for implementation at the local and national levels, and concretize plans for the establishment of a GCED Youth Network to advance the GCED agenda and UN SDGs.

Throughout the workshop, participants are expected to share their previous GCED leadership experiences based on the three principal motos of GCED; Think, Share and Act. At the end of the workshop, participants will propose leadership strategies as the outcome of their group discussions and identify future activities to participate in for the GCED youth network.

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