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  1. 2014.07.10 The 17th APEID International Conference


             With support from the Japan Funds-in-Trust, UNESCO Bangkok is organizing the 17th UNESCO-APEID (Asia Pacific Programme of Educational Innovation for Development) International Conference under the theme of “The Powerhouses of Education: Teachers for the Future We Want” on 29-31 October 2014 at Pullman Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand.


Started from 1995, this UNESCO-APEID conference is focusing on educational innovation for development by providing educational programmes and projects at the post-primary level of education to contribute to sustainable human development. The conference is trying to provide a forum where participants can share their experiences and knowledge, provide concrete feedback, and express their commitment to respect education. The essential role of the conference is to provide educational innovations in and beyond the Asia and Pacific region.


            This year’s 17th Conference has its objectives: Increase understanding and knowledge about the teaching profession Showcase and promote innovative approaches, projects, and practices that prepare teachers for their profession and enhance their performances Encourage national, regional and global cooperation to promote the teaching Facilitate networking and exchange of experiences among the participants.

To have a quality of education, training a quality of teachers is crucial. Today’s diversified world, roles of teachers are not only limited in conveying information but also dealing with children from all different cultural, social and economic backgrounds. Moreover, teachers need to acknowledge to current trends such as gender equality and know how to pay attention to disabled kids. This 17th UNESCO-APEID International Conference is here to help teachers aware and get ready for practicing global education for all.











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