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  1. 2014.11.17 The Forum about Gender Equality in Media


The forum themed ‘Women with the Wave – Turning the Tide: Broadcasting for All’ was held in Macau, S.A.R. China, on 25 October 2014. The Forum was part of the General Assembly of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU), and partner with UNESCO Beijing Office, hosted by TDM (the public service broadcaster of the China Special Administrative Region Macau)

During the forum, UNESCO’s current activities and publications in the field of gender equality and media were introduced, including the recent survey on ‘Violence and Harassment against Women in the News Media: A Global Picture’ (Link: http://www.iwmf.org/our-research/journalist-safety/violence-and-harassment-against-women-in-the-news-media-a-global-picture/).

UNESCO was appreciated in the forum through their activity to strengthen the development of media in developing countries. Naranjargal Hashhuu from the Mongolian NGO Globe International Centre presented how they are promoting gender sensitive reporting in Mongolia thanks to a project funded by the UNESCO International Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC). The IPDC is the only multilateral forum in the UN system designed to rally the international community to discuss and promote media development in developing countries.

Generally in the forum, broadcast managers and civil society representatives discussed how to achieve gender equality in and through the media, illustrating cases from more than twenty countries, including from developing countries and SIDS (Small Island Developing States) such as Solomon Islands.



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http://www.unescobej.org/en/node/361 : UNESCO Beijing Office

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http://abu.tdm.com.mo/index.php ABU General Assembly at Macau 2014 official homepage

http://www.unesco.org/webworld/ipdc/ About IPDC



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