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As a part of GCED content development utilizing photography, APCEIU published a GCED Photobook “Begin from the end -> From Siberia to Baltic Sea”. This photobook contains around 130 photos that were taken during the journey on Trans-Siberian Railway crossing the Eurasia continent. The book also carries interesting stories which describes cities and people from each train stops with perspective of Global Citizenship Education.

The background for this photobook, Russian Federation not only has diversity of peoples and cultures from the largest territory in the world but also is a country with unique identity which encompasses both Europe and Asia. 

APCEIU hopes to share with readers the vast nature of Siberia, stories of peoples, and the unforgettable experiences of sharing and communicating through the journey on train. APCEIU also aims at delivering the core values of GCED such as Cultural Diversity, Peace and Learning to Live Together through images and stories in this book. 

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World Heritage in Uzbekistan: Crossroad of Cultures, the 4th series of World Heritage Education has been released with an aim to promote global citizenship through understanding World Heritage.

Taking advantage of its characteristics as an online interactive content, this year’s material allows the users self-directed learning by their own learning pace. Through various engaging stories on the culture and history of Uzbekistan as well as its World Heritage sites, the users can explore this material as if they are on a journey to Uzbekistan. While following the movement of the main character, in particular, the users can delve into each chapter consists of three core conceptual dimensions of Global Citizenship Education--cognitive, socio-emotional, and behavioural. 

Through this material, learners will be able to cultivate competencies of global citizenship by not only acquiring the knowledge and information on World Heritage, but also respecting universal values and sympathizing with the importance of World Heritage preservation.

To view this material, please visit the link below:



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On 18-19 December, ‘2015 SEAMEO-APCEIU Best Practices Award Ceremony’ with ‘School visit’ was held on exploring the usage of SEAMEO-APCEIU educational materials developed by the collaboration with Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU), Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization Secretariat (SEAMEO Secretariat) and SEAMEO Regional Centre for Archaeology and Fine Arts (SEAMEO SPAFA), and the three organizers had an Editorial Meeting. 

As a three-year collaborative project(2013-2015), a book 「Cultural Understanding through Paintings of Southeast Asia and Korea」’, and a board game ‘Art Explorer-Southeast Asia & Korea’ were produced, and this year, the organizers hosted a competition, inviting secondary school teachers across Southeast Asian countries to identify good practices and activities using the educational materials.

As a result, among the 18 applications received from the schools in 7 Southeast Asian countries, the following schools have been selected as the 3 most promising cases:

1. Indonesia/ SMA Kristen 1 PENABUR Jakarta:

“Multicultural Ambassador”, Coordinated by Ms.Rahayu Dwi Astuti

 2. Singapore/ Jurongville Secondary School:

“Cultural Understanding through Paintings of Southeast Asia and Korea”, Coordinated by Ms. Wan Kheng Tan

 3. Thailand/ Udonpittayanukoon School:

“Cultural Awareness through Art Explorer Southeast Asia and Korea - Extra curriculum in Udonpittayanukoon School: ASEAN Study and English for ASEAN Community for Grade 9 students”, Coordinated by Ms. Suphaporn Phongmetha

On the 18th, three selected representatives from Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore visited Yeouido Middle school to meet the Korean students and instructed culture understanding lessons with focus on the Paintings. On the 19th, they delivered the presentation on respective practice cases, with discussion on developing lesson plans for further use of educational materials. Final reports of selected cases will be published as a book to be disseminated through Asia-Pacific region and beyond to be widely used for lesson teaching, teacher training and other various educational purposes in February, 2016. 

On the 19th, an Editorial meeting was held among the representatives from SEAMEO Secretariat, SEAMEO SPAFA and APCEIU to review and follow up the progress of the Paintings educational website development, which is the result of the third year of collaborative project and to discuss the details of the next phases of the future collaboration project.

The summary report of the best practice cases and the educational website to be launched on early 2016 will be used as a useful educational reference for global citizenship education and multicultural education.

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APCEIU will hold the ‘2015 SEAMEO-APCEIU Best Practices Award Ceremony & Editorial Meeting’ on 18 and 19 December to celebrate the 3 selected cases of the best practice on exploring the usage of SEAMEO-APCEIU Educational Materials on the Paintings from Southeast Asia and Korea in the Curricular/Extracurricular System of Southeast Asian Countries. 

Among the participants from 18 schools of 7 Southeast Asian countries, 3 selected cases of the best practice are as below:

- SMA Kristen 1 PENABUR (Indonesia)

- Jurongville Secondary School (Singapore)

- Udonpittayanukoon School (Thailand)

In celebration of the award ceremony, participants from 3 selected schools will visit Yeouido Middle School to share the intercultural education lesson on the 18th, in relation to the paintings as part of their extracurricular activities. On the 19th, the award ceremony will be followed by an editorial meeting between the three collaborating organizations for discussing the updated progress and future cooperation on the project.

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The 13th EIU Photo Class Exhibition held at Ryugaheon Gallery in Seoul, Republic of Korea ended with success on 13 December. The exhibition goes back-to-back with the exhibition held last 18 September in Anichkov Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia to share to the Korean public the work of the participants.
Under the title “Privet”, a common Russian greeting, the exhibition showcased photos taken by participants during the photo-taking field trips of the 13th EIU Photo Class in St. Petersburg and Veliky Novgorod, Russia. During the opening of the exhibition on 3 December, Korean student participants and photographers of the 13th EIU Photo Class and previous classes, as well as the Korean public and photo enthusiasts attended.

2015 marks the 10th year of the programme and has reached many young people in the Asia-Pacific, implementing the programme in various countries including the Philippines, Bhutan, Palau, Laos, Bangladesh, Iran, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Tonga, Indonesia, Turkey and Russia. The photos of the EIU Photo Class can be seen through the EIU Photo Class Archive, opened for the use of learners of EIU and GCED worldwide:


The EIU Photo Class, APCEIU’s youth-targeted programme that started in 2006, utilizes the art of photography to enable the participants to zoom in the various aspects of culture based on their own understanding and reinterpret it through their photographs. This has encouraged the young participants to become active content developers rather than passive recipients of knowledge and skills that are passed on to them by adults and professionals.


Photographs by APCEIU/KIM Jihu and APCEIU/KANG Taemin

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A joint meeting was held between UNESCO International Institute for Capacity Building in Africa (IICBA) and APCEIU on 30 November 2015 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The two UNESCO entities agreed on future cooperation to promote international understanding and peace through teacher education.

IICBA director Ms. Yumiko Yokozeki and programme staff of the institute participated in the meeting with APCEIU’s Director, Dr. Chung Utak. During the meeting, both the institute and the center delivered presentations on their working field, and discussed possibilities of future cooperation.

IICBA is one of UNESCO’s education institutes and centers, established by the UNESCO General Conference in October, 1999. As the only UNESCO Institute in Africa, it is mandated to strengthen the capacities of teacher education institutions of its 54 Member States.


Reference: http://www.iicba.unesco.org/node/166


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2015 Asia-Pacific Teachers Conference, Sharing Stories of Asia-pacific Education Movements (SSAEM), will take place on 11 December at the Renaissance Hotel in Seoul, Republic of Korea. The Conference will serve as a floor for sharing the stories of the teacher participants and discussing the outcomes of the Teacher Exchange Programme of APCEIU.

As the Conference will share the accumulated outcomes of the Teacher Exchange Programme since its beginning, the participants from the past Teacher Exchange Programmes, including the teachers from Philippines, Viet Nam, Malaysia, Mongolia, and Indonesia, officials from the Korean host schools, Provincial Offices of Education, Korean MOE, Education Ministry and Embassy of participating countries, Education ODA Specialists in Korea and university students majoring in Education will attend the conference. Detailed programmes will be sharing of the final outcomes of the 5 participating countries, cultural performance by the exchange teachers, presentation of the Korean host schools, and display of the video on the activities.


Meanwhile, the Final Conference for 10 Filipino, 20 Vietnamese, 10 Malaysian, and 12 Mongolian teachers participating in the 2015 Asia-Pacific Teacher Exchange for Global Education was held on 27 November at APCEIU. The 52 teacher participants conducted a final presentation on what they have learned and experienced in their Korean host schools and how they will apply it to their local schools after going back to their home country.

In this final conference, Korean mentor teachers and principals of each host school also participated with the goal to share the outcomes of the Teacher Exchange Programme 2015. The participating teachers have implemented educational activities in their Korean host schools for about three months, and went back to their countries on 28 November.

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#WeGlobalCitizens, 2nd round

Join SNS campaign at the WEF Side-event

Visitors of the side-events of World Education Forum(WEF) can participate in our SNS campaign with pictures and videos taken at the GCED Exhibition organized by APCEIU.

There will be photo zones and many interesting places drawing attention of visitors.

The deadline for all submissions is 30th May 2015. 

SNS Campaign Will Continue...........

Join our efforts to promote global citizenship for sustainable peace. Here are two ways to actively participate.

- Take a photo holding a sign “# We are Global Citizens” or ”We, Global Citizens __________” (Fill the blank with your own words in English).

Ex) “We, Global Citizens think_____”
   “We, Global Citizens share_____”
   “We, Global Citizens act_____”

Post the photo to APCEIU Twitter or Facebook(https://www.facebook.com/unescoapceiu) or Instagram(https://instagram.com/apceiu) using the hashtag #WeGlobalCitizens.

- Make a short video clip with a message that supports global citizenship or introduces your activities on global citizenship.

Upload your video on APCEIU Youtube channel(https://www.youtube.com/user/APCEIU) and share the video on APCEIUTwitter(https://twitter.com/apceiu) or Facebook(https://www.facebook.com/unescoapceiu) with the hashtag #WeGlobalCitizens. (Please speak in English, or use English subtitle)


Why Global Citizenship?

Fostering Global Citizenship constitutes one of the thematic pillars of Global Education First Initiative(GEFI) launched in 2012 by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. In recognition of its growing significance, Global Citizenship will be a part of the World Education Forum agenda. The forum will be held this coming May in Incheon, Republic of Korea to bring together governments and educational experts from around the world to discuss the post-2015 agenda.

Raising awareness of global citizenship is crucial to promote a Culture of Peace. The online campaign “#WeGlobalCitizens” is carried out by APCEIU and combined efforts from each of you to reinforce a sense of living together and make a better world.

 #WeGlobalCitizens, 2 캠페인 시작

세계시민교육 전시회(WEF 부대행사)를 방문하여 캠페인에 참여하세요

세계교육포럼(WEF)을 맞이하여 제 2차 세계시민의식 SNS 캠페인을 진행합니다.

세계교육포럼 부대행사의 일환으로 아태교육원이 준비한 [세계시민교육 전시회]를 방문하셔서 GCED 부스 및 포토존에서 직접 참여할 수 있습니다.

사진 및 영상 제출 마감 기한은 2015 5 30일까지입니다.


SNS 캠페인은 계속됩니다

캠페인 참여로 지속적인 평화 구축을 위한 세계시민의식 함양을 지지하세요한 장의 사진 또는 비디오 영상으로 참여하실 수 있습니다.


- “#We are Global Citizens” 라는 문구를 들고 사진을 찍어주세요또는 “We, Global Citizens____”라는 문구와 함께 세계시민에 대한 생각을 자유롭게 빈칸에 채워 사진을 찍어주세요(영어 사용).

예시) “We, Global Citizens think…”
     “We, Global Citizens share…”
     “We, Global Citizens act…”


이 사진을 아태교육원 트위터(https://twitter.com/apceiu), 페이스북(https://www.facebook.com/unescoapceiu) 또는 인스타그램(https://instagram.com/apceiu) #WeGlobalCitizens 해쉬태그를 사용하여 업로드해주세요.

세계시민의식을 지지하는 메시지를 담은 짧은 영상이나 세계시민으로서 자신이 현재 하고 있는 활동에 대한 이야기를 담은 비디오를 제작하세요(영어 자막 혹은 영어 대사 사용).

비디오는 아태교육원 유튜브(https://www.youtube.com/user/APCEIU)에 업로드한 후 해쉬태그 #WeGlobalCitizens를 이용하여 트위터혹은 페이스북에 공유해주세요.



 ‘세계시민의식’ 인가?

세계시민의식의 함양은 유엔 반기문 사무총장이 2012년 주창한 ‘글로벌교육 우선구상(GEFI)의 중점 분야로 제시되었습니다또한 post-2015 어젠다를 논의하기 위해 5월 인천에서 개최되는 세계교육포럼의 주요 의제에 포함되어 있습니다.

평화의 문화를 확립하기 위해 세계시민의식은 필수적입니다함께 어울려 사는더 나은 세상을 만들기 위해 아태교육원은 #WeGlobalCitizens 캠페인을 진행하고 있습니다.


세계인이 주목하는 세계교육포럼 기간 동안 캠페인을 통해 세계시민의식을 알리고세계시민교육의 중요성이 post-2015 어젠다에 반영될 수 있도록 2차 캠페인을 진행합니다.



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APCEIU and Korea National Open University(KNOU) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the exchange of educational research and human resources on 23rd April at the University Headquarters at Daehakro Jongro-gu Seoul.

Through this agreement, two institutions will cooperate in the following areas
▲Co-develop and share educational programmes and contents
▲Co-develop and utilize programmes required to achieve EFA(Education For All), GEFI(Global Education First Initiative) and GCED(Global Citizenship Education)

Mr. CHUNG Utak, the director of APCEIU, Mr. LEE Dong Kook, Acting President of KNOU, and other related staff were present at the signing ceremony.
With this agreement, APCEIU plans to foster development of lifelong education and distance education through mutual cooperation, and utilize distance education in GCED programmes in Asia-Pacific etc.
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