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  1. 2014.10.09 National Conference on Adult Education in Uzbekistan
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 UNESCO Office in Tashkent hosted the ‘National Conference on Adult Education in Uzbekistan: Reforms and Perspectives’ at [the National Library of Uzbekistan named after Alisher Navoi] Tashkent 24~25 September.  The conference is a joint discussion by representatives of all the key organizations in adult education including governmental officers, policy makers and education experts.

 Objectives of this event are
1. Promoting the sharing of experiences, lessons on policies and practices for adult education provision;
2. Taking stock of emerging issues and innovative solutions to improve adult education provision in Uzbekistan, in light of international good practices, post-2015 global education priorities, research and country studies.
3. Formulating recommendations on further enhancing adult education and life-long learning opportunities that would equip adults with skills and competencies necessary for the 21st century.

 During the conference, participants discussed the topics: ‘The quality and professionalization of staff in adult education’, ‘Availability of Adult Education’, ‘Social Partnership’, ‘The main characteristics and development trends of adult education in the context of globalization’ and ‘Adult Education in Uzbekistan - Prospects for Development’. They agreed that the partnership between government agencies, civil society and the private sector is an essential resource for attracting extensive political support for adult education. After submitting and approving of the final recommendations about adult education, the conference completed its work.


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