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  1. 2013.12.26 SangSaeng No. 38 Published
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APCEIU is proud to present the 2013 winter issue of SangSaeng (No. 38) titled, “Maps for Mutual Understanding.” The winter edition introduces the concept and history of maps as well as their wide spectrum of application. It also seeks to guide readers in understanding the significant influence of world maps on forming people’s world view and global citizenship.

In this issue, Director Hye-Jung Kim of Hye-Jung Museum starts by explaining the history of old maps. Dr. Eje Kim stresses the importance of cartographic literacy in making our world fairer. While Dr. Jose Jesus Reyes Nunez provides an example of the utilization of maps for children, CartONG offers examples of the digital application of maps. Finally, Dr. Eeqbal Hassim shows how cartographic literacy can be applied in the school curriculum in terms of EIU.

In addition, former ASEAN Secretary-General Surin Pitsuwan and UNESCO Bangkok Director Gwang-Jo Kim discuss on the importance of a common history to develop mutual understanding.
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