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UNESCO APCEIU is organizing the 1st Global Capacity Building Workshop on Global Citizenship Education (GCED) starting from 19 June to 2 July 2016 during 2 weeks.

In collaboration with UNESCO, the workshop is sponsored by Ministry of Education of and Asia Culture Center of Republic of Korea, aiming to enhance the capacity of teacher educators and trainers in implementing GCED, which is part of SDGs target 4.7 and Education 2030.

The workshop covers various topics ranging from peace education, human rights education, sustainable development education, and cultural diversity to prevention of violent extremism. The lecturers include; Prof. Carlos Alberto TORRES, Distinguished Professor of UCLA and UNESCO Chair in Global Citizenship Education, Dr. Soo-Hyang CHOI, Director of Division of Inclusion, Peace and Sustainable Development of UNESCO, Prof. Swee-Hin TOH, professor of University for Peace in Costa Rica, Prof. Hyo-Je CHO of SungKongHoe University, Mirian Vilela, executive director of Earth Charter Center for Sustainable Development and Lea Espallardo, Resident senior artist-teacher of Philippine Educational Theater Association(PETA).

UN and UNESCO have continuously emphasized the importance of enhancing the capacities of teacher educators and teacher trainers. In the sense, it is constructed to expand the participants’ understanding and knowledge of the key concepts and principles of GCED, and strengthen the participants’ practical skills to design and implement GCED training programmes tailored to their respective local context. Ultimately, it aims to establish the human resources network for promotion of GCED.

30 teacher educators at national teacher education institutions and education policy experts at organizations related to teacher education policy and curriculum from 26 countries including Mongolia, Cambodia, Uganda, Lebanon, and Columbia etc. are participating in this workshop. The Participants are expected to initiate their own post-workshop projects in their own countries to expand GCED after the workshop.

Participants will visit Dora Observatory, Asia Culture Center in Gwangju, and Suncheon Bay Wetland Reserve, where they get chances to strengthen practical skills to organize GCED training programmes through experiential learning activity using creative and participatory games. They will visit Gwangju Dongsan Elementary School and Song Gwang Middle School where they can gain insight into how GCED is promoted in schools in ROK.

Participants are expected to design training workshops on GCED specific to participants’ local contexts after the 1st Global Capacity Building Workshop. UNESCO APCEIU is planning to continuously monitoring and advising the post-workshop activities of participants and establish the human resources network for promotion of GCED in different regions.

The opening ceremony will be held on 20 June, participated by KIM Young-gon, director general of the International Cooperation Bureau at the Ministry of Education of ROK, Dr. Soo-Hyang CHOI, and officers from the embassy of Columbia, Fiji, Papua-New Guinea, Ghana to the ROK. Prof. Carlos Alberto TORRES will give a keynote presentation under the theme, “Education 2030 and Fostering Global Citizenship Education.”


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