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The 2016 Korea-Australia Teacher Exchange Programme ended after 3-weeks of activities in Korea, lasting from 4 July to 22 July. The programme was hosted by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Korea and organized by APCEIU.

Last February 2016, Korean teachers were dispatched to schools in the state of Victoria, Australia during winter vacation while at the same time teachers from Victoria were sent to Korean schools as a part of the exchange programme. Building upon positive outcomes from cooperating during the last exchange programme, 10 Australian teachers started their educational activities at the Korean host schools shortly after orientation.

During the 3-week programme, teachers observed school activities, taught subjects alongside Korean teachers and participated in extracurricular activities in order to understand Korean education and its settings. After wrapping up activities, teachers from Victoria, as well as the participating Korean teachers, shared about their experiences and outcomes at the Final Presentation on 21 July.

Since 2013, the Ministry of Education, Republic of Korea, and the Department of Education and Training in Victoria State, Australia have cooperated for the Korea-Australia Teacher Exchange Programme. This programme pursues the following visions; to strengthen teachers’ capacity to deliver global citizenship education, to nurture students as global citizens, and to foster understanding and cooperation among teachers from different educational backgrounds and cultures.

The teacher exchange programme is a part of the larger programme: ‘Teaching Abroad for Global Competency’. ‘Teaching Abroad for Global Competency’ is a programme that was implemented in 2013 to enhance teachers’ global educational capacity, cross-cultural communication skills, and enable teachers to share common values and diverse cultures by connecting classrooms of different countries. As of August 2016, APCEIU has previously organized these exchange programmes with the following countries: Finland (January), Germany (April) and Singapore (May). 


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