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APCEIU has officially launched an educational website “Cultural Understanding through Paintings from Southeast Asia and Korea”, a 3-year collaborative project with the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) Secretariat and the SEAMEO Regional Centre for Archaeology and Fine Arts (SEAMEO SPAFA)

This website introduces 100 paintings collected from Southeast Asia and Korea, further categorized into 9 different thematic foci ; Clothing, Food and Agriculture, History and Folklore, Nature and Landscape, Performing Arts, Rituals and Festivities, Sites, Monuments and Architecture, Sports and Recreation, and Trades and Skills. Accompanied by descriptions of each image, each of the 100 paintings is tagged with indicators (clothes, symbol, food etc.) in order that the viewer can easily understand important cultural aspects of each painting. These indicators are visible when clicking over the red-marked parts of the painting.

The website has also incorporated a quiz, so that the viewers can test their knowledge gained from viewing the paintings. Users will be able to gauge how well they performed on the quiz compared to others via the ‘High Scorers’ page. Upon receiving a high score, the students will receive an automatically generated, downloadable PDF certificate in “Artistic and Cultural Literacy in Southeast Asian and Korean Paintings’.

Additionally, 3 best practices utilizing Paintings from Southeast Asia and Korea including the topic, main activities, teaching-learning method and lesson plans are all available in the ‘Resources’ page. This casebook will be utilized as a reference book for teachers in the Southeast Asia region and Korea to organize and implement lessons for global citizenship education and intercultural education in the educational field. Two other SEAMEO-APCEIU publications(Cultural Understanding through Paintings of Southeast Asia and Korea, Telling Tales from Southeast Asia and Korea) can also be downloaded through the page.

This website is available for teachers, students, and anyone interested in the fine arts and cultures of Southeast Asia and Korea. As an educational resource available on the Internet, the website will be able to serve a broader and more international audience. Therefore, APCEIU hopes that this website will foster a greater mutual understanding between the Southeastern Asian nations and Korea, as well as with the rest of the world.

Website: http://asianpaintings.seameo-apceiu.org


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