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College students from China, Japan and Korea will come together to pursue sustainable development and foster a culture of peace in the East Asian region.

APCEIU will hold the “China-Japan-Korea Global Citizenship Education Youth Forum” for 5 days lasting from 7th to 11th of August. This forum will be held in APCEIU’s EIU Hall in which 60 students will participate--consisting of 20 students from each of the 3 countries, including global citizenship education experts.

This forum has been organized as a follow-up project to the Trilateral Education Ministers’ Meeting held in Seoul on 30 January 2016. This meeting led to an agreement that would provide a programme for the youth of these 3 neighboring countries together to seek co-prosperity and cooperation by fostering a sense of interconnectedness and global responsibility.

Recognizing that youth are not only learners but also agents of change, this forum will provide a programme featuring lectures on topics such as ‘Global Citizenship in China, Japan and Korea’, ‘Youth Leadership for Better Community’, ‘Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Asian Youth.’ Workshops and discussion sessions will also be a part of the programme that would enhance mutual understanding among the 3 countries’ youth by allowing them to experience differences and solidarity.

Distinguished Professor Chung-in MOON from Yonsei University in Korea will deliver a keynote speech while experts in various fields, such as a webtoon artist and an entrepreneur from the 3 different nations, will also be attending the dialogue session with the students.

Students will direct their focus to Global Citizenship and will spend time mapping out common projects in order to find ways to cooperate together to create a better future in the East Asian region.

Participants will be divided into groups according to topics of interest such as, ‘Sustainable Development and Environment’, ‘Human rights’, Education’, ‘Local Community and Social Enterprise’, ‘Modern history’, and ‘Korea-China-Japan Trilateral Cooperation.’ Students will also go on a field-visit to the institutions/places according to the topics such as the U.N. ESCAP’s (Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific) East and Northeast Asia office, Incheon Open Port, and the Social Venture Valley in Seongsu-dong area.

After group discussions, participants will present project action plans that can be put into practice together by the youth of the 3 countries. This action plan will come as a result of the experiences from the forum, giving grounds for cooperation and demonstrating youth initiative.

Regarding this forum Dr. Utak CHUNG, Director of APCEIU comments, “The East Asian region nowadays needs to have a common understanding that will enable us to overcome historical, political and economic conflict. This is the time when sharing a future-oriented common vision becomes crucial.” He adds, “I hope this forum could serve as a milestone for youth to realize that fostering global citizenship towards a culture of peace is our priority. I also hope this forum enables participants to share a sense of belonging to the global community beyond state borders.”


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