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Learning to Live Together

I offer my sincerest welcome to all those who are visiting our website.

An education based on the interconnectedness of the world that we live in, addressing global challenges we face, and allowing learners to critically think and take action: these are the tenets of Global Citizenship Education (GCED), aiming to prepare learners for the challenges of the 21st century. Facing conflict and global challenges that cross national borders, the pressing need for GCED has never been so clear.

Since our establishment in 2000 through an Agreement between UNESCO and the Government of the Republic of Korea, APCEIU has put forth its utmost efforts in search of measures to empower learners with such values. APCEIU has strived to become an influential catalyst of GCED through the following main programme areas: capacity-building of educators, research and pol  icy development, dissemination of information, development of teaching/learning materials and international teacher exchange programme. As Mme Irina Bokova remarked during her visit to our institution, APCEIU is “fulfilling UNESCO’s mandate through various programmes of Education for International Understanding and Global Citizenship Education.”

Furthermore, APCEIU’s consistent efforts were brought to light during the 2015 World Education Forum where GCED emerged as one of the post-2015 education agenda, and in turn, APCEIU was able to receive the attention and warm support from worldwide leaders and delegates. In her congratulatory speech during the opening ceremony, President Park Geun-hye stated that:

“The Republic of Korea has been involved in joining global efforts led by the Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding to foster Education for International Understanding and Global Citizenship Education. We will, furthermore, develop and support the organization as a core channel for Global Citizenship Education.”

Recognizing the growing significance of GCED, APCEIU is committed to building a culture of peace through this new education initiative. I strongly believe that it is through a collective commitment that our goal towards building a more peaceful and sustainable world can be achieved.

I invite you to join this valuable endeavor.

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