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APCEIU Alumnus’ Efforts to Spreading Better Education in Africa through EIU


Participants of APCEIU’s inter-regional training programme UNESCO/ROK Co-Sponsored Fellowships Programme are actively initiating follow-up EIU activities in their home countries. Senegalese teacher trainer Mr. Tamba NGOM, Burundian pedagogical advisors Mr. Anaclet NZEYIMANA and Mr. Oscar MUSHENGEZ are just to name a few.


Senegal: EIU Learning Resource Development Workshop for Teachers

Mr. Tamba NGOM, participant of the 2013 Fellowships Programme, recently organized a workshop for teachers in Senegal on developing EIU learning resources for students. The main methodology of the workshop was from ‘EIU Dialogue Project’, a segment of the 2013 Fellowships Programme where participants developed EIU learning books by creating their own writings and drawings.

The workshop in Senegal utilized similar methods as Senegalese teachers worked to create resource books in order to meet local needs and reflect local contexts. Having realized that teachers’ creativity alone can produce quality learning materials, Mr. Ngom applied the methods learned from the EIU Dialogue Project to his own workshop. He believes these methods can be a very useful tool towards solving the problem of scarce resources that many African countries face today.

57 teachers and art teacher M. Sidibé collaborated to create their own stories and illustrations and manage the overall development process themselves. The teachers developed their own stories by reorganizing pictures from existing storybooks. The various stories they created in small groups were combined to form one complete book, which is expected to be utilized as learning materials in actual classroom environments. 

Hoping to “continue to hold the workshop in different areas of the country so as to enhance teacher capacity and contribute to producing creative learning materials”, Mr. Ngom believes the project “could be a very encouraging model for many developing countries to follow as many of them face the shortage of educational materials.” He added, “I took place in the TESOL International Convention in Portland, US held last 27 March to give a presentation on the role of teacher trainers in a context marked by scarcity of resources. What I learnt from APCEIU has been very fruitful to me while preparing my presentation.”


Burundi: EIU Classes using ‘Understanding through Dialogue’ series at Lycee Notre Dame de Rohero


Mr. Anaclet NZEYIMANA(left) and Mr. Oscar MUSHENGEZ(right), pedagogical advisors in Burundi and also participants of the 2013 Fellowship Programme, have launched EIU classes at Lycee Notre Dame de Rohero, a secondary school in Burundi. Their main resources were ‘Understanding through Dialogue’ series , a collection of books published by the participants of the Fellowship Programme.

The books, which were used during English and Debate classes, are expected to facilitate students’ understanding of different countries, cultures, educational and social issues faced by the countries. The books are planned for distribution across other secondary schools to be used as learning materials.


 UNESCO/ROK Co-Sponsored Fellowships Programme
As the main inter-regional programme at APCEIU in its 8th year, the UNESCO/ROK Co-Sponsored Fellowships Programme is a training programme that invites educators from the Asia-Pacific region and Africa for two months to participate in workshops covering a broad range of topics in education. With themes based on the most pressing educational needs of the participating countries such as EIU, basic education, teacher training and ICT education, the programme has been running on an annual basis since 2007 upon the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between UNESCO and the Government of Republic of Korea in 2006.



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