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Korean teachers’ dispatch to Vietnam and Mongolia for 2017 Asia-Pacific Teacher Exchange for Global Education (APTE)  was launched, starting with its pre-departure training workshop on 25-28 July and official launching ceremony on 28 July. The Programme is sponsored by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Korea and organized by APCEIU, in cooperation with the respective ministry of education of the partner countries.

The 4-day pre-departure training was comprised of various lectures and workshops for broadening teachers’ understanding of partner countries, lesson plan development, global education competencies, and so forth. At the launching ceremony, the participating teachers also shared their expectations about the local activities and their resolutions for the successful completion of the programme.

These 49 teachers will be dispatched to local host schools in Vietnam and Mongolia for the next three months starting late August, to teach students in collaboration with local partner teachers, exchange knowledge and perspectives on education as well as innovative teaching methods. These exchanges and cooperation between teachers will contribute to the enhancement of global competencies of teachers, schools, and pupils, and thereby to the quality of education in all the participating countries.

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Launched in 2012, the Asia-Pacific Teacher Exchange for Global Education has grown into a well-recognized bilateral teacher exchange programme between the Republic of Korea and other Asia-Pacific countries. The Programme 2016 was also launched, organized by APCEIU and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Korea, in collaboration with the Ministries of Education and culture of Indonesia, the Ministry of Education of Malaysia, the Ministry of education and Science of Mongolia, the Department of Education of the Philippines, the Ministry of Education of Thailand and the Ministry of Education and Training of Viet Nam.

From March 29th to 31th 2016, as the kickoff meeting with partner organizations, '2016 Asia-Pacific Teacher Exchange Programme' consultation meeting was held at APCEIU and Marriott Hotel. This meeting, attended by eight delegates from four partner countries – Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia and Thailand, aimed to share evaluation of the past Programme and explore a better path to implement the Programme in 2016. The meeting was particularly meaningful as it provided a venue for four partner countries to gather and learn from each other.

Director ROH Jin-Young of Education ODA and Mobility Team from the Korean Ministry of Education and Director CHUNG Utak of APCEIU graced the occasion by delivering the welcoming remarks.  Ms. Tuya Narantuya, the Head of External Cooperation Division of the Ministry of Education and Science (MECS), Mongolia and Ms. Oyuntungalag, the Vice Director of Institute of Teacher's Professional Development (ITPD), Ms. Dian Wahyuni Soenardi, the Deputy Director of the Ministry of Education and Culture(MOEC) Indonesia, Ms. Siti Mariam, the Assistant Director of the Ministry of Education(MOE), Malaysia and Ms. Darakorn Phensiri, a foreign relations officer from the Ministry of Education (MOE), Thailand contributed to lead a successful meeting with their active participation. 

On 29 March, the delegation from each country shared their own unique experiences and know-hows to seek possible ways to bring about an improved Programme this year. Especially, the participants enjoyed watching a video clip including the activities of the exchange teachers at various countries and the reaction of the students in classrooms all over the Asia-Pacific region. The meeting reminded the participants of the necessity and importance of the Programme.

On the following days, the details of each country’s meeting agenda were discussed and the feedbacks were shared. Culture-experiencing activities, such as watching the traditional performance in the Korea House and visiting Namsan Tower, was another important part of the Programme.

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[예비 및 현직교사를 위한 글로벌역량강화사업 설명회] 가 지난 10일 아태교육원 대강당에서 열렸습니다. 이번 설명회에서 아태교육원은 2014년 [다문화 대상국가 지원사업] 및 [교·사대 졸업자 해외진출 지원사업]을 소개하였습니다.

Last 10 April, Briefing of Global Competency Programmes for prospective and current teachers took place at APCEIU conference hall.
APCEIU staff gave introductions on this year's [Asia-Pacific Teacher Exchange for Global Education] and [Teaching Abroad for Global Competency].


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