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The Review Meeting for Draft Development and the Preparatory Meeting for Piloting was held in Geneva, Switzerland on 14-15 August 2017. National experts from each of the four beneficiary countries –the Kingdom of Cambodia, Colombia, Mongolia and Uganda – and staffs from UNESCO International Bureau of Education (IBE) and Asia-Pacific Centre of International Understanding (APCEIU) gathered for the meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Utak Chung, Director of APCEIU, mentioned that “through the devotion and endeavors made by the four countries and IBE, our project could bear fruits. The APCEIU will continue to vigorously support mainstreaming GCED in the four countries.” 
In response, Dr. Mmantsetsa Marope, Director of IBE, said, “we are here together to learn from the experience and build a global public good. Through this project, we foresee the participating countries to become ‘best practice countries’ of GCED.”

During the two-day meeting, delegates of the four countries presented the progress achieved in process of developing draft curricula. Based on the country-specific contexts and demands, the outcomes of the curricula vary by country: 
- Cambodia: GCED-integrated national curricula in history and moral-civic subjects
- Colombia: GCED teachers’ guidelines
- Mongolia: GCED manual for teachers
- Uganda: GCED teaching and learning materials

In the session of designing pilot programmes, IBE introduced key guiding principles and strategies of piloting and monitoring processes. Especially, there was a set of practical activities provided by IBE so that the participants were able to enhance their understanding about piloting processes and help them refine their piloting plans. With the draft curricula developed, each country plans to implement their own pilot in the 2nd half of the year.

- Photo credit to IBE

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The 2nd Phase of GCED Curriculum Development & Integration has officially kicked off with the International Bureau of Education(IBE-UNESCO) as well as the four partner countries(Cambodia, Colombia, Mongolia and Uganda)from 22-24th March at APCEIU GCE Hall.

Delegates from Cambodia, Colombia, Mongolia and Uganda shared the progress made during the 1stphase in setting up the GCED Curriculum Development & Integration Committee and carrying out a needs assessment and situational analysis of its curriculum.

The four countries proposed their 2nd phase action plan, which elaborated specific details and relevant information to fulfil the following goals: First, to integrate global citizenship into the curriculum and/or produce GCED materials according to their needs, and second, to conduct a pilot test of the output.

The kick-off meeting was successful with the enthusiastic participation of partner countries and IBE-UNESCO. This meeting will provide assistance in setting out a clear path for the year ahead. Also, it will aid further cementing every stakeholder’s resolve in implementing the course of action they came to adopt. 

In addition, APCEIU had the opportunity to present its Policy Guide on Global Citizenship Education to gain feedback from the participants. The draft guide, which is due to be published later this year, is expected to serve as a frame of reference for policy makers. The main contents of the draft guide aim to integrate and strengthen GCED in educational policies, strategies and plans.

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캄보디아 시엠립에서 진행된 제14차 국제이해교육 사진교실이 지난 10월 16일 성공리에 막을 내렸다. 유네스코 아태교육원(APCEIU)이 캄보디아 교육청소년스포츠부 (Cambodian Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport)와 공동으로 주관한 이번 사진교실은 ‘렌즈를 통해 영원한 신비를 마음 속에 그려보다(Envisioning Eternal Wonders Behind Lens)’를 주제로 10월 10일부터 6박 7일간 진행되었다.

21명의 캄보디아 청소년들과 8명의 한국 청소년들은 3명의 전문 사진작가들과 함께 캄보디아의대표적인 유적지이며 유네스코 세계문화유산인 앙코르와트, 톤레샵 호수, 전통시장 등 시엠립 곳곳을 다니며 사진을 촬영하였다. 또한 참가자들은 사진촬영 외에도 세계시민교육(GCED) 워크숍, 문화교류 프로그램, 사진 워크숍 등 다양한 프로그램에 참여했다. 행사 마지막 날인 16일에는 참가 학생과 작가들이 촬영한 사진 66점을 선별하여 소피텔 호텔 포키트라 볼룸(Phokeetra Ballroom)에서 전시회를 개최하였다.



이번 행사의 대미를 장식한 사진전에는 배기동 유네스코 아태교육원 이사회 의장, 임 코크(Im KOCH) 캄보디아 교육청소년스포츠부 차관, 박승규 주캄보디아한국대사관 시엠립분관 총영사를 비롯하여 캄보디아 참가자들의 학부모 및 교사, 캄보디아 교육청소년스포츠부 및 시엠립교육청 직원, 캄보디아 시엠립 한인회 등 현지 관계자 500여 명이 참석하여 학생들이 담아낸 시엠립의 다채롭고 우아한 모습들을 감상했다.

이날 참가학생들을 대표하여 소감을 전한 신해나란 양은 “사진교실을 통해 저희는 서로의 마음에 큰 빛을 그린 것 같다”면서 “나중에 그 그림을 펼쳐보았을 때 서로가 하나된 세계시민의 모습이 그려져있을 것이라 믿는다”고 말했다. 욘 소바나(Yorn Sovanna)군은 “이번에 한국 친구들과 교류하고, 세계시민교육을 접하게 되어 기쁘다”면서 “프로그램에 참여할 기회를 얻게 된 것에 감사드린다”고 말했다. 

이번에 캄보디아에서 촬영된 사진들은 유네스코 아태교육원 국제이해교육사진교실 웹사이트(photoclass.unescoapceiu.org)를 통해 전세계를 대상으로 온라인 전시를 이어갈 예정이다. 국제이해교육 사진교실은 사진을 매개로 세계 각지의 청소년들에게 국제이해교육 및 세계시민교육 체험 기회를 제공하는 프로그램으로, 참가자들은 전문 사진작가의 지도로 촬영 실습 활동을 하면서 자신의 일상생활과 주변을 재조명해하고 생각을 표현하는 방법을 배운다. 아태교육원은 2006년 필리핀에서 처음 이 프로그램을 시작한 이후, 부탄, 팔라우, 라오스, 방글라데시, 이란, 카자흐스탄, 말레이시아, 스리랑카, 통가, 인도네시아, 터키, 러시아 등 세계 각 지역의 생생한 삶의 모습을 사진에 담아왔다.

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On 16 October 2016, the 14th EIU Photo Class held in Siem Reap, Cambodia ended successfully. Under the theme of “Envisioning Eternal Wonders Behind Lens”, the 14th EIU Photo Class was co-organized by APCEIU and Cambodian Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport(MoEYS) for 7days from 10 October to 16 October.

Twenty-one Cambodian and eight Korean students, together with three professional photographers explored various places in Siem Reap such as Angkor Wat, the most representative historical site, as well as the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Tonle Sap Lake and a traditional local market. They not only took photos but also participated in various programmes such as Global Citizenship Education (GCED) Workshop, Cross-Cultural Awareness Programme, EIU Photo Workshop. On the last day of the Photo Class, there was an exhibition of 66 photos selected by the participating students and photographers at Phokeetra Ballroom, Sofitel Hotel, Siem Reap.


As a grand finale of the programme, the photo exhibition attracted about 500 people including Dr. Bae Ki-Dong, Chairperson of APCEIU’s Governing Board; H.E. Im Koch, Secretary of State of Cambodian MoEYS; H.E. Park Seung Gyoo, Consul General of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Cambodia; parents and teachers of Cambodian participants; staff of the Cambodian MoEYS as well as Siem Reap provincial department of MoEYS; and Korean Association in Siem Reap. The guests appreciated diversity and elegance of Siem Reap in the photos taken by the Korean and Cambodian students.

Representing all the Korean students, Ms. Shin Haenaran said, “Through this Photo Class, we were able to draw lights into each other’s heart” and added, “I believe that when we look back on these pictures, we will find our image as global citizens, bounds together as one”. A Cambodian student Mr. Yorn Sovanna commented, “I’m very pleased that I got to know about Global Citizenship Education and also had a chance to interact with Korean friends”. He also said “I really appreciate the opportunity to participate in this programme”.

The photos taken in Cambodia will be exhibited online for a world-wide audience through EIU Photos Class Archive (photoclass.unescoapceiu.org). The EIU Photo Class provides opportunities for students from all around the world to learn EIU and GCED through the art of photography. Participants get to learn how to express their thoughts, shed new light on their daily lives and surroundings by taking photos under the instruction of professional photographers. Since its inception in the Philippines in 2006, APCEIU has captured various forms of life from many different places around the world such as Bhutan, Republic of Palau, Laos, Bangladesh, Iran, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Tonga, Indonesia, Turkey and Russia. 

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In 2014, APCEIU developed the EIU multimedia education material, Angkor: The World Heritage of Cambodia.

This educational multimedia resource vividly recreates the World Heritage Sites of Cambodia via three-dimensional panoramic photography, allowing learners to explore the historic sites without having to visit the locations. This publication provides various pictures and descriptions on the Angkor site, Preah Vihear, Banteay Srei and Banteay Chhmar, which can facilitate EIU class on World Heritage.
To maintain continuity of the project last year, Bagan- Historic Sites of Myanmar, Cambodia has been selected as a target country of this year. This education material is the 3rd series of APCEIU’s EIU material development project on World Heritage.
APCEIU wishes this EIU material can promote global citizenship through understanding the World Heritage.
Angkor: The World Heritage of Cambodia is available online:
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