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  1. 2014.09.03 Best of China Performing Arts: the cultural exchange between ASEAN, China
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‘Best of China Performing Arts’ was held in Jakarta, Indonesia on 18, 19 and 22 August in celebration of 2014 ASEAN-China Cultural Exchange Year. The event, which organized by ASEAN Secretariat and run by ASEAN Committee on Culture and Information (ASEAN COCI), was held at Balai Kartini hall on 18 attending in over 500 people, including Secretary-General of ASEAN (Le Luong Minh), Chinese Minister of Culture (Cai Wu), ambassadors to ASEAN, high level Indonesian officials, representatives from international organizations and business community.

Le Luong Minh welcomed the participation in the ceremony and considered it a platform for further promoting mutual understanding, cultivating the long-lasting friendship between the peoples of ASEAN and China, contributing to the strengthening of the ASEAN-China partnership. Cai Wu said in a congratulatory message on the opening ceremony that the shows prepared for this ASEAN-China cultural exchange is set to share with ASEAN the flourishing Chinese arts and promote good-neighborliness and friendship between China and ASEAN.

‘Best of China Performing Arts’ is as part of ‘The Best of Performing Arts’ which has been run every year by ASEAN COCI in Jakarta, Indonesia since 2008. Last year, ‘Best of Philippine Performing Arts’ had been held. The purpose of ‘The Best of Performing Arts’ is to introduce ASEAN through the region's diverse cultures as well as to promote the important role that Jakarta has played as the host city of the ASEAN Secretariat.



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