APCEIU 안과밖2017.03.03 16:02


An academic workshop to share the outcomes of 2016 ‘Support for GCED Course Development’ was held at the Jeju International Peace Center on 22-23 February this year. The workshop was attended by the professors who had designed and implemented GCED courses at 9 different universities in the Republic of Korea during the 2016 Autumn semester (July to December) under the support of APCEIU. It was an opportunity to share and discuss among professors the outcomes, operational strategies and teaching methods with regard to the implemented GCED courses.

Throughout this workshop, the participants could share and learn about newly developed GCED curricular implemented in each university/department. In addition, in-depth discussions on shaping the future of GCED course development and implementation was continued, such as finding ways to link the existing GCED courses to students’ career paths and out-of-school education programmes as well as on the importance of developing a necessity for development of common GCED reference materials and GCED courses assessment mechanism.

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