'Global Competency Programme'에 해당되는 글 1건

  1. 2016.03.15 Final presentation of Korean teachers dispatched to Australia, Germany and Singapore
APCEIU 안과밖2016.03.15 15:01


The final presentation for 25 Korean participating teachers in ‘Teaching Abroad for Global Competency Programme’ was held on 11 March 2016 at APCEIU.

At this final presentation, 10 Korean teachers who were dispatched to Germany, 5 Korean teachers who were dispatched to Singapore and 10 Korean teachers who were dispatched to Australia as well as their school principals and vice principals  attended. It was an opportunity for them to understand the purpose of this programme and  plan for future educational exchange activities. Officials from Metropolitan and Provincial Offices of Education, who were involved in selection process of the teachers, also attended to share the outcomes of the Korean teachers’ educational activities through this exchange programme.

‘Teaching Abroad for Global Competency Programme’ is an exchange programme and it dispatches Korean teachers abroad for 2 ~ 3 weeks to conduct educational activities through partnership with their matching teachers. Then those matching teachers from abroad are invited to Korea  to teach in Korean schools. The focus area of the educational activities varies for each country. The focus area is vocational education for Germany, NCS-based career education and multicultural education for Australia, and multicultural education for Singapore. With these focus areas, participating  teachers from each country will explore and learn each other’s educational systems.

Starting with German teachers in April, Singaporean teachers and Australian teachers will be invited to Korea in May and July respectively. They will have opportunities to co-teach with their Korean matching teachers and conduct their major curriculum subjects along with cultural lessons in the host schools in Korea.

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