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  1. 2016.05.11 Launch of the Third APCEIU Governing Board
APCEIU 안과밖2016.05.11 10:55

Education Minister of the Republic of Korea Lee Joon Sik finalized the appointment of the third Governing Board of APCEIU. The ten newly appointed members of the Board will serve a three- year term in office from 7 May 2016 to 6 May 2019.

The Governing Board of APCEIU consists of representatives of the Korean Government, UNESCO, UNESCO Member States, experts in the field of Education for International Understanding, APCEIU Director, etc. pursuant to the <Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Korea and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization on the Establishment of the Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding> and the <Integrated Comprehensive Strategy for UNESCO Category 2 Institutes and Centres under the Auspices of UNESCO>. 

 List of the Third Governing Board Members
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