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On 29 August, the last day of the institutional internship, APCEIU interns from Stanford and Seoul National univ. gave presentations on EIU programme proposals and feedbacks.

아태교육원에서 인턴십을 마친 스탠포드대와 서울대 인턴들이 활동의 마지막 날인 8월 29일 국제이해교육 프로그램 제안과 피드백을 발표하였습니다.





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APCEIU had a brief talk with Maharani Yuniandini (exchange student in Daejeon University, from Gajah Mada University, Indonesia) and Hayeon Jeong (College of Liberal Studies, Seoul National University) who recently completed their internship in APCEIU from January to February 2014.




What brought you to do an internship in APCEIU?

Dini: My dream is to work in international organizations. So when my professor showed me a list of organizations I could apply for an internship, I was immediately hooked by UNESCO APCEIU because UNESCO is a really famous international organization. I thought working in APCEIU would be a stepping stone to my career path. And I believed working as an intern in an international organization would also be a great experience itself.


Jeong: I want to work in international organizations as well because my dream is to contribute to resolving the serious global environmental problems we face today. What I felt while majoring in environment was that most of the research in Korea tend to focus on limited issues like pollution, energy or construction. In addition, global environmental problems cannot be solved by any single country alone. It requires many countries to participate and cooperate, which was why I felt the importance of international environmental organizations.

  Since working in an international environmental organization became my dream, I wanted to gain an experience to understand what it is like to work for the realization of common values like environmental protection or EIU, a UNESCO principle promoted by APCEIU. Since you only learn the theories in the university, I wanted to experience working in the real situation. So that is how I ended up doing an internship here in APCEIU.

 I also wanted to learn how a law or policy is drafted and passed to protect the environment or persuade people to preserve the environment. This is why I felt I should go work in international organizations.



Which team were you assigned to? What kinds of tasks or responsibilities did you perform in the team?

Dini: I worked in the International Teacher Exchange Team 1. During the first two weeks I made some reservations of hotels and restaurants in Indonesia for the final presentation of the Teacher Exchange Programme. Afterwards, I recapped the teachers reports and assisted them in the presentations about their activities in Indonesia, Mongolia and the Philippines.


Jeong: I worked in the Publication and Public Relations Team. I composed articles regarding events held or publications released by APCEIU, and researched on materials for the publication of APCEIU’s EIU magazine SangSeng. I also searched for prospective contributors for the articles in SangSeng and drafted request e-mails. I also carried out administrative tasks like proofreading, photocopying and arranging books as well as other resources.



“Are there any memorable episodes during your internship?

Dini: There are many, but I will just mention one. On 3 February, UNESCO Director General Irina Bokova visited our centre and I successfully managed to brave up to ask a question. Although I am actually not the type who asks questions in front of people, I gained my courage to ask one which I think was a really unforgettable episode.


Jeong: In January, we threw a birthday party for one of our team members. We shared some snacks and cake. Many people from different teams came to celebrate although each of them had tons of work to do. People prepared gifts and cake for their co-worker, and she was really touched by such a warm congratulation. To me, it was really an impressive moment because it showed the warm atmosphere of APCEIU.



How is your major linked with EIU or the activities in APCEIU?”

Dini: One of APCEIU’s aims is to establish equality through education. In my major, we study about peace and human rights, something that I believe is relevant to EIU. Also, I was able to work with people and organisations from different countries which I believe could be a great asset for my major.


Jeong: As I major in Global Environmental Management, my department explores on several international and environment-related issues like international disputes on natural resources or energy problems. To solve these issues, different countries need to build an understanding of each other and hold dialogue to construct cooperation. In that way, I can say my major is related to international understanding–understanding other countries and seeking ways to live together in a sustainable way.



What specific field do you want to devote yourself to?


Dini: I am really interested in working in UNICEF because I wish to improve children’s quality of life. That has always been my passion and dream. I am also interested in UNESCO because, as I said earlier, studying about other nation’s culture has been another one of my passions and one of UNESCO’s major duties is to preserve the cultural heritage of humanity.


Jeong: I want to go to graduate school to deepen my studies and use my understanding about economics and the global environment towards solving international environmental issues.



“How do you think your experiences in APCEIU would influence your future?


Dini: I think all of the experiences here would contribute so much for my future career in terms of my attitude in the working environment. My work here helped me understand the situation of the workplace and ways to collaborate with other people. I will be applying my experiences in APCEIU to further develop my capabilities, to become a better person and be prepared for the real professional world.


Jeong: I also learned what it is like to work with other people and how to treat them at work. But I think the most important thing I learned here is humility and the will to build your own field of expertise. During the eight weeks of professional experience in APCEIU, the staff I met were people who were experts in their own fields, which made me regain the will to pursue a deeper study on my major.


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