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The  24th Annual Conference on EIU hosted by the Japan Association for International Education(JAIE) took place from 14-15 June, 2014 at Nara University of Education, Nara, Japan. The event featured with two public symposiums focusing on ESD(EducationforSustainableDevelopment) and language education, presentations on specific research topics and free-research presentations.

This year’s conference was attended by 100 members of JAIE, EIU experts from China, 20 participants from Korea, including members of the Korean Society of Education for International Understanding (KOSEIU). They discussed various topics regarding EIU deeply such as education on peace, human rights, cultural diversity, sustainable development, and history. Prof. KIM Hyunduk(Koje College)  delivered a presentation on ‘ESD program in early childhood curriculum.’ Presentation on ‘Mixed-blood and multiculturalism in Korea’ and ‘Social studies teachers’ suggestions for history education in Korea and Japan’ was each given by Prof. HAN Geon-soo(Kangwon National Univ.) and Prof. HEO Shinhye(Hannam Univ.). Also, Dr. KIM Kwang-Hyun(Chief, Publication and Public Relations Team) from APCEIU gave a presentation with the theme of ‘Fostering peace through South-East Asia shared histories.’ Meanwhile, EIU convention with the theme of ‘EIU and GCE’ will be held by APCEIU and KOSEIU on upcoming November 22-23 at APCEIU .
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