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  1. 2016.02.29 The 2nd Batch of Korean GCED Lead Teachers Appointed
APCEIU 안과밖2016.02.29 10:22

64 teachers who have successfully completed the Capacity-Building Workshop for GCED Lead Teachers from 15th February to 19th February 2016 were appointed as the 2nd batch of Korean GCED Lead Teachers on 19th February. Composed of primary and secondary teachers from 17 cities and provinces, the Lead Teachers are expected to play a pivotal role in spreading and settling GCED in educational fields. 

At the appointment ceremony held on the 19th of February, Mr. KIM Kwan-Bok, Director of the Office of Planning and Coordination, Ministry of Education, said that Korea has played an important role in establishing the foundation for the spread of GCED. The Director mentioned that “it has become extremely important to teach GCED, because the Korean society is experiencing rapid globalization and multiculturalism. GCED will help our youth to learn tolerance and the capacities needed for the globalized world.” He also added, “The Ministry of Education will support and strengthen the platform for the spread of GCED.”

The Lead Teachers who have completed the workshop received appointment certificates at the ceremony. Ms. RYU Jin-Won from Ganjaeul Middle School stated, “I was deeply touched by the teachers who participated in this workshop. I believe we will have borne fruits when we meet again next time.”

During the training session, participants were able to learn the importance of GCED through various lectures and workshops, and had the opportunity to gain knowledge and information on GCED subjects such as human rights education and cultural diversity. Moreover, creative teaching methods were discussed among the participants through sharing knowledge from previous GCED cases.

On the last day of the training workshop, Lead Teachers gave a presentation on their future plans on teacher-lead research and providing GCED training to non-Lead Teachers. The plans involved liaison with the 1st batch of GCED Lead Teachers, activities with local characteristics, and organizing regional projects beyond city limits. This workshop also provided the opportunity to form a network among teachers from all over the nation. The participants reviewed GCED as “a new start,” and “something to share and act together” looking forward to future GCED activities. 

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