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APCEIU, in collaboration with Arts-ED Penang, a non-profit organisation for art and culture education, has published a Global Citizenship Education(GCED) Teacher’s Guidebook on World Heritage Site of Melaka and George Town, Malaysia. This guidebook was developed as a new volume in APCEIU’s continuous project of GCED Material Development on World Heritage since 2012, in order to promote awareness of cultural diversity as well as mutual understanding. 

This Teacher’s guidebook, under the title of Bridging Global Citizenship and World Heritage not only provides literature on both World Heritage in Malaysia and GCED but also gives case examples and lesson plans to help teachers design and conduct GCED class utilizing World Heritage.


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As part of the ‘Asia-Pacific Teacher Exchange for Global Education’ hosted by the Korean Ministry of Education, the Korean participants of the Korea-Malaysia Teacher Exchange Programme have been dispatched to Malaysia. The dispatch drew special attention by being the very first batch to Malaysia since it joined the roster of exchange partners this year, which includes Mongolia, the Philippines and Indonesia.

Prior to dispatch, the 12 pre-service and in-service secondary school teachers received a four-day pre-departure training from 20 to 23 May at APCEIU. Afterwards in Malaysia, the teachers participated in the Local Adjustment Training hosted by the Ministry of Education of Malaysia from 8 to 16 June at the Foreign Teachers College.
The training consisted of various elements - learning basic conversational Malay, visiting Malacca and other historical sites, and lectures on Malay culture and education. In particular, the Korean teachers unveiled their fabulous performance of the Malaysian traditional ‘joget dance’ that they had learned and practiced during the local training period, drawing a burst of applause from the officials from the Malaysian Ministry of Education, local school principals, teachers and students.
Upon completing the local training, the Korean teachers were assigned to six different secondary schools nearby Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. From 17 June to 13 September, they will introduce Korean culture, teach Korean language as well as their individual subject areas to local students with Education for International Understanding embedded into the contents. Through the teacher exchange between the two countries, Korea and Malaysia are expected to have better understanding of each other and enhance educational cooperation.





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Korean teachers to be dispatched to Malaysia have completed the four-day Pre-Departure training.
From 20 to 23 May, 12 in-service and pre-service teachers took part in a bundle of lectures on International Understanding, Malaysian language and culture, etc. as well as practical sessions including first aid - CPR.

말레이시아에 파견될 예정인 한국 교사들이 지난 20일부터 시작된 4일간의 사전연수를 마쳤습니다. 12명의 현직 및 예비 교사들은 국제이해교육, 말레이시아 언어 및 문화 등에 관한 강연들과 심폐소생술을 포함한 실습 프로그램에 참여하였습니다.



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