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  1. 2014.09.04 Pacific Education Development Framework Tracking Report
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The Asia-Pacific is one of the regions in the world that has made the most significant progress towards providing access to education and thus increasing the school enrollment numbers. While much of the spotlight is usually on the "Asia" part of the region, the Pacific has also been putting in much effort into increasing school enrollment rates and the quality of education.

The 10th Pacific Islands Forum Education Ministers Meeting (FEdMM) held in the Cook Islands from March 31 to April 2, 2014 saw the release of the 2014 Pacific Education Development Framework (PEDF) Tracking Report. It was the first tracking report on the performance of countries in working towards the PEDF.

The report was presented to ministers and government officials from the 11 countries of the Pacific Islands including Fiji, Tonga, Vanuatu, etc that attended the annual FEdMM. Preliminary data collected reflected substantial progress towards increasing gender equality in education with the increasing female enrollment in both primary and secondary schools. Despite the progress, the report also highlighted that there is a need for not just implementation of the PEDF but also the development of a monitoring system for evaluation purposes which is essential for future planning.

The PEDF that was signed in 2009 is an expanded framework compared to its predecessor, the Forum Basic Education Action Plan 2001 (FBEAP) under the Education For All (EFA) framework. Apart from improving the quality of education in Pacific island countries, much attention was also given to providing a holistic education. Central to this is the four pillars of "learning to know, learning to do, learning to be and learning to live together" from the UNESCO report The Treasure Within. Emphasis was also placed on education which will develop respect and appreciation of the diverse Pacific cultures.




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