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APCEIU signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Seoul Guro Police Station on 27 July 2017 to promote Global Citizenship Education (GCED) and build up a community where human rights are broadly respected.

Through this MOU, the two organizations have agreed to work together in building up a sustainable and peaceful community including ▲ Providing educational support for raising consciousness of GCED for the police officers in the community ▲ Cultivating GCED and improving human rights for the marginalized groups in the community, including women, children, and multi-cultural families and overall cooperation in the areas as agreed upon.

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Co-organized by Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU) and Lesotho Distance Teaching Centre (LDTC), Workshop in Lesotho on GCED (Global Citizenship Education) took place between 12 and 14 of July 2017 in Maseru, the capital city of Lesotho.

As a post-Fellowship programme, Fellowship Good Practices & On-site Training (Fellows in Action 2017) was launched this year to identify exemplary initiatives led by alumni of the UNESCO/KOICA Joint Fellowship Programme. The Programme is designed to provide support to the alumni of the Fellowship Programmes to share their good educational practices in local contexts, applying the knowledge and skills gained from APCEIU’s two-month training in Korea. The case of Ms. Nomsa Mpalami (2015 Fellowship Participant from Lesotho),‘teacher training on peace education for non-formal educators in Lesotho’, has been selected as one of the three good practices, and the Workshop was implemented to further encourage her efforts to enhance the capacity of teachers in non-formal sector on GCED and peace education. Ms. Nomsa Mpalami has provided peace education and conflict resolution programmes to non-formal educators in Lesotho. Especially, she has delivered workshops on capacity building and peace education material development to solve local conflicts which is the on-going issue in Lesotho.

The Workshop invited 30 non-formal educators from different regions of Lesotho to learn about GCED with a focus of peace education and PVE(Preventing Violent Extremism). Sessions and lectures on conceptual framework of peace education were led by Dr. Yonas Adeto (Institute of Peace and Security Studies, Addis Ababa University). Discussion and dialogue on ways of dealing with conflicts and methods of conflict transformation in their own contexts facilitated by Ms. M. Mohasi (Transformation Resource Centre, Lesotho). 

Participants created learning materials on peace and conflict transformation reflecting the lessens learned, which will be used as teaching and learning resources for their learners. The learning materials created by the participants will further be polished and edited to be published as booklets on peace education by the publication department of LDTC, which will be disseminated throughout the country, including schools, community centers, libraries and other institutions where teachers can utilize them as teaching and learning materials.


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유네스코 아태교육원은 이화여자대학교 학교폭력예방연구소와 유네스코가 공동으로 개최한 ‘학교폭력 및 괴롭힘에 관한 국제 심포지엄: 데이터에서 실행으로’ (1월 17-19일/ 서울)에서 타운홀 미팅을 진행했다. 

전 세계에서 모인 교사, 교사훈련가 및 교육정책 입안자들은 교사가 당면한 학교폭력과 괴롭힘 문제에 다양한 시각을 제공하며 본인들의 전문 분야에서 얻은 교훈과 역량을 거리낌없이 나누었다. 나라마다 혹은 개인마다 처한 환경과 조건은 다르지만 참가자들은 학교폭력과 괴롭힘의 예방 및 관리를 위해서는 정책적 뒷받침, 예비교사 및 현직교사 훈련, 여러 이해관계자들의 참여 등이 우선시되어야 한다는 데 의견을 같이했다. 

사진 제공: 이화여자대학교 학교폭력예방연구소

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APCEIU led a town hall meeting during the International Symposium on School Violence and Bullying: From Evidence to Action (17-19 January 2017/ Seoul, Republic of Korea) co-organized by UNESCO and the Institute of School Violence Prevention at Ewha Womans University.

Bringing a variety of perspectives to the challenges and issues teachers face in dealing with school violence and bullying, teachers, teacher trainers and education policy makers from around the world shared lessons learnt and capacity gained through the course of their professional practice. Although there was a profound understanding among participants of different circumstances and conditions under which they need to work, all of them agreed the importance of policy support, pre-service and in-service teacher training as well as engagement with diverse stakeholders in their effort to prevent and manage school violence and bullying.

Photo: ⓒ Institute of School Violence Prevention at Ewha Womans University

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