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  1. 2015.12.10 2015 Asia-Pacific Teachers Conference
APCEIU 안과밖2015.12.10 14:01

2015 Asia-Pacific Teachers Conference, Sharing Stories of Asia-pacific Education Movements (SSAEM), will take place on 11 December at the Renaissance Hotel in Seoul, Republic of Korea. The Conference will serve as a floor for sharing the stories of the teacher participants and discussing the outcomes of the Teacher Exchange Programme of APCEIU.

As the Conference will share the accumulated outcomes of the Teacher Exchange Programme since its beginning, the participants from the past Teacher Exchange Programmes, including the teachers from Philippines, Viet Nam, Malaysia, Mongolia, and Indonesia, officials from the Korean host schools, Provincial Offices of Education, Korean MOE, Education Ministry and Embassy of participating countries, Education ODA Specialists in Korea and university students majoring in Education will attend the conference. Detailed programmes will be sharing of the final outcomes of the 5 participating countries, cultural performance by the exchange teachers, presentation of the Korean host schools, and display of the video on the activities.


Meanwhile, the Final Conference for 10 Filipino, 20 Vietnamese, 10 Malaysian, and 12 Mongolian teachers participating in the 2015 Asia-Pacific Teacher Exchange for Global Education was held on 27 November at APCEIU. The 52 teacher participants conducted a final presentation on what they have learned and experienced in their Korean host schools and how they will apply it to their local schools after going back to their home country.

In this final conference, Korean mentor teachers and principals of each host school also participated with the goal to share the outcomes of the Teacher Exchange Programme 2015. The participating teachers have implemented educational activities in their Korean host schools for about three months, and went back to their countries on 28 November.

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