'UNESCO Category II Centre'에 해당되는 글 1건

  1. 2016.08.30 APCEIU celebrates its 16th anniversary
APCEIU 안과밖2016.08.30 14:16

Last 25 August, a congratulatory ceremony took place in APCEIU EIU Hall to celebrate APCEIU’s 16th anniversary.

All of APCEIU employees and guests were invited to celebrate and attend the ceremony together. During his opening speech, Utak CHUNG, Director of APCEIU said “For the past 16 years, APCEIU has strived to promote and disseminate Global Citizenship Education. Moreover, through the 2015 World Education Forum and 2016 UN NGO/DPI conference, APCEIU gained a foothold as the leading institution for dissemination of GCED.” Furthermore showing his appreciation and affection to the people involved, Director CHUNG added “it wouldn’t have been possible for APCEIU to develop without the efforts of its founding members, the government’s active support and especially without the passionate and committed staff.” At the end of the ceremony he set a new vision for APCEIU saying, “APCEIU will become a global hub for GCED, not only in the Asia-Pacific region but in Africa, Latin America, Middle-East and all over the world as well”.

In his congratulatory speech, Tae-joon KWON, former Chairperson of APCEIU Advisory Committee said “The dramatic growth that APCEIU has made in the last 16 years is a great success and an outstanding example of a UNESCO Category II Centre.” He also encouraged all the staff saying “All of you should be proud that APCEIU is making great progress.”

Chonhong KIM, director at the Ministry of Education Korea, also gave a congratulatory message while highlighting APCEIU’s increasing role. He said “Since GCED has become a global agenda, the role of APCEIU as a leading institution becomes more crucial than ever.” He also added “Because GCED is also included in the SDGs, APCEIU became an institution upholding one pillar of the SDGs. I’m sure that APCEIU will thrive to 2030 which is the year the SDGs are expected to be accomplished.”

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