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  1. 2014.11.27 2nd UNESCO Forum on Global Citizenship Education
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The Second UNESCO Forum on Global Citizenship Education (GCED) will be held at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, France, from 28 to 30 January 2015, and is expected to serve as a guideline for the Post-2015 Development Framework for Education.
The forum will take place under the theme, “Planning for Post-2015: Building Peaceful and Sustainable Societies,” and will focus on the following:
- providing inputs into the “Framework for Action” on education Post-2015
- considering inputs from regional consultations on GCED
- discussing future policy directions at the global level, country implementation and expanding partnerships in light of the Post-2015 agenda and GCED
The First Forum, which was held in Bangkok from 2 to 4 December 2013 on the theme of “Global Citizenship Education: Preparing Learners for the Challenges of the 21st Century,” aimed to clarify conceptual issues regarding GCED such as sustainable development, peace, human rights, and community engagement. As for the second forum, the key issues to be discussed are the direction for future international policies, implementations for each country, and partnerships on GCED, as well as taking into account regional UNESCO consultations on Education For All (EFA), GCED trends and future needs, and policy priorities and strategies to operationalize GCED. Thus the forum is expected to provide insight into the current Post-2015 debate and the World Education Forum (WEF) scheduled for May 2015.
Fostering GCED has been one of the priorities of Global Education First Initiative (GEFI) ever since it was launched by the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon in September 2012. The second UNESCO forum on GCED, organized to promote GEFI, is expected to enact concrete measures that can incorporate GCED into educational systems.

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