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  1. 2014.05.29 A school of hope for Nepal, “Khusi Khusi Campaign”

A school of hope for Nepal, “Khusi Khusi Campaign”


The word “Khushi” means “Happiness” in Nepali. “Khushi Khushi Campaign” which means “Campaign for Happiness” is a project for constructing Janachetana elementary school located in the Midwest of Nepal Kurum region carried out by the International Relief & Development NGO Save the Children (http://www.savethechildren.net/) and over 1600 associated students and faculties from Korean Association of Private Secondary School Principals(http://www.sahack.or.kr/).

According to the World Bank and Nepal government, 43% of populations over 15 years old are illiterate and over 40% of children give up their studies before turning to 5th grade. The recipient of Khusi Khusi campaign, Janachetana School also exists in poor condition where two different grades of the total number of 152 students at school share one same class due to the insufficient number of classrooms. Moreover, when rainy season comes, there are dripping of water from ceiling as dried mud bricks were used as building materials so the school has possibilities of collapse as well which can bring risky situation to children and teachers in the future.

However, it is impossible to people of Nepal cover the amount of fund needed for building new school as 55% of the national population lives fewer than 2 dollars. Thus, Save the Children and the Korean Association of Private Secondary School Principals  are promoting a fundraising activity for “Khushi Kushi Campaign” for about 2months from April 17th to June 13th. Supported amount of money from the campaign is designed to make a clean and safe classroom, water supply plant, and educate school teachers.

“Kushi Kushi Campaign” is waiting for people to participate in the project by sharing education which can bring hope of the future and happiness to Nepal Children.




Picture: http://www.grinnell.edu/news/human-rights-education-and-nepal








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