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  1. 2014.04.15 Introducing APCEIU Supporter_(5)Eunsil Yu

Hello, everyone. I am Eunsil Yu who is working as an APCEIU supporter.


I am majoring Business Administration through the program of Kyunghee-Andrews University. The purpose of program is cultivating global talent. Thanks to the school's aim, I could study in various countries including the Philippines and the US. I have interests in international issues.


In addition, I love to carry out various exchanges including culture, language and so on with foreigners. Thus, I have been consistently doing some educational volunteer works not only for foreigner students who are studying Korean culture and language at the Institution of International Education of Kyunghee university in Seoul, but also for adolescents to teach economics through JA Korea(Junior Achievement Korea) as a volunteer group of university students.


Meanwhile, by chance I got an information that UNESCO APCEIU(Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding) was looking for supporters and I applied for this splendid opportunity without hesitation. Fortunately, I got a chance to work as the 2nd batch of APCEIU supporters. I am definitely delighted to do this activity with other 6 members.


Recently, I have joined a mentoring program called the Citi-JA Hero Program for children from multi-cultural families which is operated by CITI bank and JA Korea as well as APCEIU supporters. By doing diverse activities and by communicating with multi-cultural families, I am learning what education for international understanding is.


I am going to inform varied, familiar and useful information based on education for international understanding from APCEIU, neither difficult nor complex through my blog and I would like to communicate with you.








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