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  1. 2016.12.12 Research Report on the Development of a Youth Railway Programme for GCED Published
APCEIU 안과밖2016.12.12 15:42

APCEIU has newly published a policy research report on the development of a Youth Railway Programme for Global Citizenship Education (GCED). This report is a result of a feasibility study on how GCED incorporated in the Trans-Siberian Youth Railway Programme can build values, social and emotional skills and attitudes among youth. This report also aims to support relevant institutions and educators to design and implement GCED programmes.

The contents of the report contains theoretical background of GCED and  educational effect of the railway programmes in general. It addition, case analysis in Korea and abroad, programme design and promotion strategy of GCED through this programme are included. It is expected that this report will contribute to the diversification of GCED Youth Programme and its contents.


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